Friday, February 01, 2008

McCain Cartoon Smorgasbord

"It ought not to be necessary to have this debate about whether McCain is a Reagan conservative. Beyond the non-exhaustive list here, just look at the people who are constantly cheering him on – liberals in the mainstream media, Hollywood and New York entertainers, and Democrats. Why? Because McCain not only often thinks and acts like a liberal, he also routinely and joyously sticks it to his own team; he's the "maverick" – the anti-conservative in our huddle."--David Limbaugh

These cartoons do a good job of describing just some of the reasons why Conservatives have huge issues with McCain. I think the top cartoon does a good job of showing that Romney is the only one left in the race that is conservative. That is why I'm hoping enough of us can rally behind him to help defeat McCain on Super Tuesday.

Here are some McCain links:
--Democrats say McCain nearly abandoned GOP
--Sources affirm McCain dissed Alito--McCain found Alito too conservative. This alone should really concern us. If Alito is too conservative for McCain what kind of justices would he pick?
--McCain, the anti-conservative
--The Core Difference Between McCain and Romney
--McCain's Conservative Credentials

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will attempt to make the case for why Conservatives should rally around Mitt Romney.

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