Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kansas City Government is a Nightmare!

The Kansas City Water Department is a mess. They are switching to new automatic readers and in the process screwing up everyone's bills. Our November water bill was 3 times what it was normally supposed to be so I called and complained. Since then I have been on the phone countless times, put on hold forever and been given the run around. Each time I call I'm told that they have a stack of bills to fix and that they should be getting to mine by the end of the week.

All of the people I've talked to need some serious lessons on how to deal with the public. No one has been friendly and/or that helpful. One lady finally told me that she "had already told me that they had frozen my account" so I didn't need to worry about it. She hadn't told me that but once finding that out I stopped calling.

A month goes by and I get a new bill with all of the old charges still on it plus some new ones. I call again and am told the EXACT SAME STORY. I hang up in disgust and figure I won't worry about it until they send me an amended bill sometime in the next year.

I was just irritated during this whole time and not mad until I get a notice telling me that they are going to turn off my water if my bill is not paid. By this time I'm fuming. I called yesterday and demanded to talk to a manager and was told that the lady who was handling my account would call me back. Of course, she didn't so I had to call again and was told that they had re-frozen my account and that my bill would be given top priority. Then a lady, whom I assume was supposed to be a manager called me and was snotty about the whole case.

I was so frustrated that I called City Hall to try and find a way to make a formal complaint and of course there doesn't seem to be a way to do that. Aaaaaaaaaahhh!!! It is times like this that you start to understand why people go postal.

I was talking to my husband about all of this and our consensus was that it is always a nightmare when government is running things. Especially when governments are run by liberals, which Kansas City is. How in the world anyone could even think of turning our health care system over to big government liberals is beyond me. Total Insanity!!

I just did a phone survey about Kansas City government not too long ago, it was focusing on the ridiculous smoking ban that is going to be on our ballot in April. I wish I could take it again and they'd really get an earful.

I think this calls for another letter to the KC Star.

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