Thursday, February 07, 2008

How Did it Come to This???

Tomorrow I will come up with a good news/humor post but today's will be a sober look at reality.

**How did it come to this? The problem from day one has been that we never had a chance to get a good conservative nominee. The field was dismal from the start. You need 2 things in order to captivate people, substance and inspiration/charisma. We didn't have either. We thought Fred Thompson was going to save the day and while he came close to having the complete package on substance he had no inspiration/charisma. Rudy had some charisma but not enough substance.

As a result Republicans ended up becoming extremely divided along a lot of different lines. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush had both substance and inspiration/charisma which is why they captivated enough people to win 2 terms. We didn't have anyone close to them this time around which is exactly why we are going to end up with a Ford/Dole type candidate.

**I'm done with the annoying, preachy lectures. If you think I'm out in left field thats fine, no one is forcing you to read my blog. The lack of civility by some just amazes me. I don't go to other people's blogs and gloat, tell them how stupid they are, etc... So I'm always at a loss for why people think they are free to do so at mine and others.

**Many of us conservatives who really care about our party and have a lot invested in it need to allow ourselves time to grieve. Its okay to not be optimistic right away and we don't have to feel like we need to be a mindless supporter of McCain to quote, unify the party. Even if we do get lectures from others who don't believe in conservative principles and think they have the right to tell us "we have to" fall in lock step behind McCain.

**Some have suggested that those of us who don't like McCain and are very upset about him being the front runner are "out of touch" with the rest of Americans. If that happens to be true it still doesn't mean that we are wrong. Yet, I don't necessarily think its true. McCain has been winning most of the primaries by an average of 30% of the vote. That means 70% of Republicans aren't voting for him. That sends a huge message. And McCain is going to need a lot more than 30% of Republicans to vote for him in the general election if he thinks he's going to have a shot at winning.

**The Drive By Media was really annoying me election night, even Fox News. Everyone is talking about how it was a big night for McCain and Huckabee. They then talk about whether Romney should drop out or not. Hello? Huckabee did better than expected but he's still behind Romney, why isn't anyone asking when Huckabee is going to drop out.

Also, there was a Young Republicans Chick on Fox News talking about how McCain was going to redefine the Republican party and how exciting that was. Thats exactly what conservatives are afraid of. The Republican party doesn't need to be redefined.

**I'm a little shocked at how many people Huckabee has snowed. I have been told that many voted for Huckabee as a conscience vote. A conscience vote is supposed to be for someone who has a lot of integrity and who has some strong moral principles. I don't see that in Huckabee at all. In fact, I've been appalled at his lack of integrity in how he has run his campaign and his ethical issues.

**If I'm in the minority, I don't mind being there because I'm joined by the likes of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and many other stellar conservatives. I think there are a lot more of us than people realize and none of us are going to shut-up and go bury ourselves under rocks.

**Those of us who are critical of McCain are being accused of having "McCain Derangement Syndrome". Call it whatever you want!! Many of us conservatives have been betrayed by McCain over and over again and for us it is very deep and personal. If you were on a team with someone and they kept scoring goals for the other team and snuck up and stabbed you in the back and spit in your face more than once would you be able to support them??? Thats exactly how it is for us and I find it incredible that some don't seem to understand. If you don't, thats fine, but I'm not really in the mood for your patronizing lectures and you aren't going to be able to convince any of us all of sudden that McCain is this great guy.

McCain doesn't seem to care at all that conservatives don't like him. In fact, instead of reaching out to us he is bragging that he is winning without our support (as the cartoon illustrates). That kind of behavior isn't going to endear anyone to you. I also think he's in for a very rude awakening. He may get a lot of the wishy washy swing voters but Bush barely won the last 2 elections and he had a TON of grassroots support. I don't know how McCain is planning on winning when he has little to no grassroots support. There will be a certain percentage of us that may hold our nose and vote for him but we won't be campaigning for him so it will be interesting to see how he pulls it off.

**Newt Gingrich brought up a great point on Hannity and Colmes last night. He said that he thinks McCain's campaign is majorly underestimating the conservative animosity for him. And if he doesn't try to reach out to conservatives he's going to be in big trouble come November. Exactly!!

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