Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Clintons in Full Melt Down Mode!

One thing you have to say about this election season (aside from the tremendous heartburn) is that it has been anything but boring. If someone had told me 6 months ago that McCain would be the Republican nominee and that Obama would be the Democrat nominee I would've told them they were on drugs. Yet, here we are!!

So as the Clintons watch the nomination that was supposed to be Hillary's slip away they are both losing it. As a Clinton aide even points out, she is throwing the kitchen sink at Obama hoping some of it will stick. I thought the picture of Obama dressed up in the Somali Muslim garb was just one of her latest stunts that show how desperate she has become.

Her outrage at Obama over the mailings is just irrational and is another illustration of her desperation. The way she says, "Shame on you, Obama!", gives you the impression that she is outraged over something really substantial. She has been involved in the political game longer than anyone and to get upset about mailings is hilarious. Then this convoluted accusation that he is running a campaign straight out of Karl Rove's play book. Okay!!

I'm sorry but the woman who invented the "politics of personal destruction" and ruined people's lives just to protect her husband's political career is the last person to be outraged over mailings.

As Novak points out, who will tell Hillary that it is over after the fall out on March 4th?

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