Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thoughts for the Day...

--I read about the above bumper sticker in an interview that Ross Perot did. Then Sandy sent me the pic in an email, classic stuff :-)).

--My kids and I are memorizing The American's Creed

--Rush had a lot of encouraging things to say yesterday about how much support Fred Thompson is getting in South Carolina. I am really pulling for a surprise victory for Thompson today in SC.

--Tom Delay said if McCain gets the nomination he may have to sit this election out. I wouldn't do that but I have to say that I greatly empathize with him. The thought of being forced to pick between McCain and Hillary makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

--Rivka points out that not only is Huckabee a liberal but he has some major character flaws in how he treats others.

--Has anyone noticed that while the Drive By Media is in love with McCain and Huckabee, no major conservative likes either one of them?

--In fact, here is a list of just some of the most influential conservatives who don't like Huckabee and/or McCain:
--Rush Limbaugh
--Sean Hannity
--Mark Levin
--Tom Delay
--Tammy Bruce
--Robert Novak
--Rich Lowry
--George Will
--Hugh Hewitt
--David Limbaugh
--John Fund
--Phyllis Schafly
--Pat Toomey
--Ann Coulter

--Also, both McCain and Huckabee are playing the victim card. I thought thats what liberals do, oh, yah, they are liberals!!

--The following quote totally sums up my feelings about Huckabee. I couldn't have said it any better:
"Or will Huckabee supporters understand that we criticize and disagree with Governor Huckabee not because of who he is as an Evangelical Southern Baptist, but because of his liberal record as a Governor, his questionable ethical conduct, and his overall naivete about international affairs and foreign policy?"

--My youngest son and I are getting our gold belts in Karate today.

--I'll be joining a phone bank for Rudy in the late afternoon.

--Don't forget about live blogging tonight at 6 pm CST at Mike's.

--I finally found out when the Fox Special is going to air on KC bloggers that I was interviewed for. It is going to air on Fox 4 here in KC on February 8th. I'll let you know when I have a specific time.

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