Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Ranking of the Presidential Candidates!!

"Mike Huckabee wouldn't know the Reagan Revolution if it bit him in the ass."--Troll

For those of you that missed it we had a ton of fun live blogging the Fox News Forum Sunday night and thats where I got the above quote. I liked it so much I used it on the radio show yesterday morning after getting permission from the producers to use the "A" word. Sometimes, its just necessary and I felt this was one of those times :-).

I also thought the above cartoon was very appropriate since all of us were extremely annoyed by all the talk about being an "agent of change".

I've been pretty open and honest about how I feel about all the candidates over the past year but I figured its time to do a definitive post and kind of put it all on the line. I'm going to follow along the lines of Joe and others and list them starting with my least favorite and going to my top choice.

While I adore Duncan Hunter, it is blatantly clear that he doesn't have a shot so I'm not going to include him in this ranking. It is too bad because there is a lot to like about him but the situation is what it is.

Ron Paul is a certifiable nut job and the list is too long to post here on why I'm not sure I could even cast my vote for him were he the Republican nominee. When I see signs for him in small towns I'm convinced that aliens have landed there and forced the citizens of these towns to drink the Ron Paul kool-aid.

5. Mike Huckabee--In the beginning I didn't have a clue who he was and I decided to check him out. I looked at a blog site that was promoting him and went to find a place to hear him speak. I wasn't impressed but figured he didn't have much of a chance.

Then, I saw him in the first debate and started hearing rumblings about him. I was really turned off not only by his bashing of Bush and the war but just the way he came across in general. He reminded me of a used car salesman and my gut check said no way. At first, I felt bad for disliking him but then the bad stuff started pouring in about his record and I felt vindicated.

What I didn't expect was for people to fall for his "populism" message which I like to term "socialism lite". I'm kind of in shock that so many seem to be open to this message that is clearly Democrat speak. For just one of the many posts that more clearly explains why I'm not a fan of his, go here.

4. John McCain--I've never been a fan of McCain's since he back-stabbed conservatives with his infamous gang of 14. I did a comprehensive post on why he would be a disaster a year ago. I was content that his campaign bit the dust long ago and then he had a resurgence as of late, groan...... That said, I've decided Huckabee is more dangerous than McCain thus he gets ranked 4th.

3. Mitt Romney--I've never been excited about Mitt but again, seeing the rise of Huckabee and McCain makes him look much more palatable. I see him as a flip-flopper and not one of genuine principles but he is not without his redeeming qualities. I do think if he was elected president he would stick with the issues he has run on and that he would govern more conservatively and more reliably than either Huckabee or McCain. Both the Huckster and McCain are wild cards whereas I think Mitt would be more reliable.

He also has a great family and marriage which I think speaks well of him. I think his five good-looking sons have definitely been an asset for him out on the campaign trail :-).

2.Fred Thompson--I adore this man and I do think he is the most "genuine conservative" in the race. I like his outspokenness and his lack of political correctness. For awhile I thought he was going to come in and save the day but many of us have since been disappointed. Whether it is a lack of fire in the belly or leadership, he is just lacking something that keeps people from really rallying to him. When he speaks he often rambles and just can't seem to communicate convincingly that he's ready to lead this country.

I do adore his wife and think she is the ideal first lady. I think Fred would be a far superior choice than any of the other candidates save Rudy. I also admire Heidi, Patrick, Joe and others for their unwavering support for him.

David Limbaugh wrote an excellent column saying that Fred was his favorite but even he conceded that Fred is going to have to step it up, and soon. He also had an excellent excerpt on why he is gravely concerned about where Huckabee is on the issues.

1. Rudy Giuliani--While I am aware that Rudy is flawed and isn't 100% conservative I think he is the best pick of the field to lead our country at this time. He has shown by what he did in New York that he can come in and lead this country, take on the terrorists, cut taxes and fight for moral values and principles that he believes are right. He is real, honest and inspiring and when he says that he will pick strict constructionist judges I believe him. I feel that I can trust him on that score much more than the others, save Fred Thompson.

Mike did an excellent post on why Rudy is his pick and my sentiments would echo his in many respects. Shane also did a similar post to this and him and I are very much kindred spirits when it comes to politics. He is a strong Conservative Christian who seems to see things through a similar prism as I do. Wordsmith also has endorsed Rudy in his "Wordsmith" way :-)!!

I will leave you with this excerpt from Mike's post on the issue of Rudy and Value's Voters:
As the perceived threat of terrorism recedes, the question of social values has come to the fore in Rudy's campaign. Rudy tackled those issues head on in his speech to the Value's Voters Summit in October, and I won't hear any criticism of him on those issues from persons who haven't read excerpts from that speech.

He reminded his audience: "Ronald Reagan had a great way of summarizing it. He used to say my 80 percent friend is not my 100 percent enemy." Rudy is not the enemy of values voters. He is their friend. Adoptions soared in New York and abortions declined on Rudy's watch as mayor. Can Mike Huckabee say the same about his time as Governor of Arkansas?

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