Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wednesday Smorgasbord

1) Jeanne Assam Stopped Gunman At New Life Church--This woman is my new hero. She is the perfect example of why gun-control doesn't work. If she hadn't had a gun there is no way of knowing how many other people would have lost their lives at that church. Two people did die but it sounds like it would've been a massacre if she hadn't of been there and if she hadn't showed the courage that she did.

2) NBC initially refused to air ads supporting the troops but backtracked when they were inundated with criticism. I was all prepared to do a post entitled, NBC sucks! but then they came to their senses. Steve did a great post on it including the actual ads. I was prepared to air one of them on the radio show this past Monday but didn't have time.

3) Kooks for Kucinich--Sean Penn endorses Dennis Kucinich--I got in trouble last week for calling a Dennis Kucinich supporter a kook but this time it was Gateway Pundit with the title. It cracked me up that Penn endorsed Kucinich. The real questions are:
1) Which one of them is more irrelevant?
2) Which one of them is more of a kook?
3) Who is listening to either one of them?
Rivka posted a video of a protester at the Kucinich event where Penn was speaking. One of the protester's signs said, "Stop supporting America's enemies" and the other said, "Hey Sean, have you seen ufos too?". I could not think of better messages to convey to Sean Penn.

4) A Democratic Star loses his luster--Shockingly enough, that was the actual title about a Democrat in the KC Star yesterday on the FRONT PAGE of the paper. For those of you who aren't from the KC area its hard to see what a big deal this is. During the 2006 election campaign for Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison, the Democrat ran against Phil Kline, the Republican incumbent. Kline made the decision to go after baby killer Tiller who performs partial birth abortions in Kansas and his character and reputation were assassinated as a result. Morrison drug Kline's name through the mud and so did every other liberal media outlet. The character assassination was merciless.

So some of us find it ironic that Morrison is now caught up in such a big scandal that even the Democrat Governor of Kansas thinks he should resign if he is guilty of the charges. Of course, a lot of the focus is on the extra marital affair that Morrison had but that isn't the reason he is in so much hot water. It turns out that it is alleged that he tried to get his mistress to give him sensitive information about Kline's investigation of Tiller and his abortion clinic.

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out. Rivka has more on the scandal, she has actually met Kline and talks about her perspective on it all.

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