Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday Smorgasbord

Ellen and Jenna Bush call the President

Video Hat tip: Patrick

1) I really enjoyed the above video, it shows what an awesome guy President Bush is, and why some of us still love him.

2) Will the Huckster be able to pass the "smell test"? I still feel a tad bit bad for posting all the Huckster's negatives but I just can't imagine him as our nominee. The bad news just keeps rolling in about him as he seems to be gaining some traction.
--Is the Huckster the Republican's Jimmy Carter? I actually thought this exact thing when a caller was talking about him to Rush the other day.

--Mom: 'Carol Sue Would Be Alive Today' If Not for Huckabee

--The Huckster This excerpt from one of the articles was particularly disturbing to me:
Huckabee is very convincing at expressing regret. That's why he is doing so well in the polls: Because he is so good at sounding good, no matter whether what he says holds water or not.
What he says is an outright lie. Here is the big whopper: "Nobody, not me, not Jim Guy Tucker, not Bill Clinton, not that parole board, could ever imagine what might have transpired.. " This is, to put it kindly, a crock of manure. The whole point of the Murray Waas story out today is that Huckabee was warned repeatedly and convincingly EXACTLY what was likely to transpire if DuMond were to be released, and he ignored all those warnings. Meanwhile, the evidence presented is absolutely overwhelming that he strongly intervened with the parole board to secure DuMond's release -- and he seems to have lied about that too. Just like he lied about whether or not he was "ordered" by his state's courts to impose a particular tax hike, and just like several other now-documented misrepresentations he has made about the circumstances of his tax hikes.
(To be fair, I think that at the state and local level there can indeed be reasonable times, although not many of them, to raise certain taxes for particular purposes. That said, Huck's record is in every way that of a fairly profligate taxer and spender.)

But back to DuMond: We can believe Huckabee's denials, or we can believe the overwhelmingly documented evidence. There was a time when Republicans were empiricists, meaning that we actually pay attention to evidence, to facts. The evidence here is clear. Huckabee has no good answer for it, no matter how sincerely he regrets the ultimate, deadly result of his horrendous decision -- a decision whose horrendous results were eminently predictable.

3) Kudos to Romney for his speech on faith! As many of you know I am not a Romney fan but I was fairly impressed with the speech. Rush played numerous clips of it on his show Thursday and I liked what I heard.

4) Rudy gets a sweeping set of endorsements from State Legislators here in Missouri.

5) Dick Morris says Hillary and Rudy may still get the nominations of their parties.

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