Friday, December 21, 2007

Huckabee and Romney too!!

As most of you can tell by now I do not like Huckabee. I have had a gut dislike for him from day one and each day further convinces me that he is a liberal in conservative clothing. He would be a disaster as the Republican nominee and we might as well start setting up the curtains for Hillary. The list of articles that show how horrible he would be are endless.

Yesterday, Rush detailed how one of Huckabee's surrogates attacked him using liberal talking points. As if I wasn't already upset enough, this just had me livid. First of all, what Huckabee's guy says is completely out in left field and not true. Second, how insane is it to attack the most listened to Talk Show Host? Rush has a bigger audience than most Tv shows. Unbelievable!! Neither Huckabee or his advisers have a brain using this tactic.

Also, Robert Novak points out that Evangelicals and Baptists are not on board with Huckabee. Alls I can say to that is a hearty AMEN!! As Ann Coulter has pointed out, he is not one of US! Novak says in the column that Huckabee has embraced the more liberal parts of the Southern Baptist Convention instead of siding with the conservatives. No shocker there!!

Here is just a small list of why Huckabee would be a horrible Republican nominee and horrible president:
--He is soft on crime as is evidenced by his pardoning of more than one serial rapist who raped and killed again
--He has arrogantly criticized Bush on the War on Terror
--He has one of his surrogates attack Rush Limbaugh using liberal talking points
--He is a big government liberal as is demonstrated by his wanting a federal smoking ban, and many other issues
--He raised taxes while Governor of Arkansas
--He was horrible on immigration while Governor
--Conservative Icon Phyllis Schafly had this to say about him--"He destroyed the conservative movement in Arkansas, and left the Republican Party a shambles . . . ."
--From what I've read I don't trust him on Supreme Court Justices or the War on Terror and those are 2 issues that are at the very top of my list

So, unfortunately for me if Fred or Rudy can't emerge as strong candidates I may have to go with the lesser of 2 evils and support Romney to keep Huckabee from getting the nomination. I hope it doesn't come to that but it may. It seems odd that as an Evangelical I will be supporting a Mormon over a Baptist but thats the way its panning out.

My problem with Romney is he has always seemed very fake and willing to do whatever is politically expedient. I just groaned yesterday when I saw this hit the news. Romney says his father marched with Martin Luther King Jr. When confronted on it he says it was supposed to be a figure of speech. You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!! This is Hillary and Bill Clinton speak all the way. Sigh...

I must say that as Republicans this election season is giving us all heartburn.

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