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Blogger of the Year: Skye at Midnight Blue

Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

New Year's Eve is a good time to reflect on the year that was and take stock of important events and the people who contributed so much to making a difference.

With that in mind, I name Skye, at Midnight Blue as Blogger of the Year!

It's difficult to make an award of this type. There are so many excellent bloggers out there. Some may post more than Skye, others are as equally generous in providing backup in the comments sections of other's blogs as Skye who aptly earned the nickname: "Moonbat Slayer."

What earns Skye distinction above all others is her desire to turn words into action and to prove that one person can make a positive contribution in defending the principles and values we all talk about daily.

Skye Nests with Gathering of Eagles

In March 2007 Skye showed that willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty by leaving the comfort of her home in Philadelphia and fighting a cold as well as frigid weather to attend the first Gathering of Eagles in Washington, D.C.

The Gathering was inspired by patriotic Americans sick of a left wing media culture that insisted we were defeated in Iraq. This event was months ahead of the curve of the surge success that would be acknowledged by the "news" media late in September.

At Mike's America we proudly posted Skye's reports from the Gathering on the National Mall in downtown Washington (here, here, here and here) While many of our blogging friends also participated both at the scene and online, Skye understood that the success of one event was not sufficient to raise public awareness of the vital issues underscored at the first gathering.

So she set about doing her part to promote the second Gathering in May where the Eagles teamed with Rolling Thunder, a group of motor cycle enthusiasts and Vietnam Veterans who make an annual pilgrimage to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington to remember the fallen heroes from that ill-fated war.

Skye made the trip again to D.C. in September for another Gathering of Eagles. You can read all the Eagles related posts at her site Midnight Blue from this link.

Along the way she's met some very interesting people and created a unique personal network of likeminded patriots.

Skye meets uber blogger Michelle Malkin at the September Gathering of Eagles

Wearing her Flopping Aces T-shirt here's Skye at the Gathering of Eagles May 2007 headquarters with founding member Captain Larry Bailey, USN (retired)(bio here, books authored here) a former Navy SEAL and also organizer of Vietnam Veterans for Truth which was instrumental along with the Swiftboat Vets for Truth in getting out the truth about John Kerry during the 2004 presidential campaign.

Going Local for VICTORY!

Skye took the inspiration she received from these D.C. events and applied them at the local level where she has been instrumental in organizing and coordinating a group of pro-VICTORY activists demonstrating America's resolve in downtown Westchester, Pennsylvania on a street corner opposite from the usual defeatist, neosocialist, terrorist appeasing "peace" activists whose voice has been the only one heard for so long.

Christmas VICTORY demonstrators hold the high ground in West Chester, PA opposite the "peace" activists. (photos by Skye)

Skye's blogging has documented the growth of the pro-VICTORY movement in her local community (read her posts on that subject here). Skye has pioneered the use of video-blogging (or as she calls it: a "vlog") and captures the spirit of the pro-VICTORY crowd as well as the sour defeatism and anger of the left.

And she's not afraid to reach out to the defeatists and give those less angry a chance to interact. But that effort has met with stern rebuke from the leaders of the "peace" movement who regard any interaction with the enemy as treason.

Those "peace" leaders Skye's confronted have shown themselves to be suffering from a paranoia and self-induced delusion that makes the average Bush hater seem sane by comparison. One of their leaders, sent out the following email to their members:

Karen Porter
Director The Chester County Peace Movement
P.O. Box 1502,
West Chester, PA 19380-1502
(610) 344-0228

One of you wrote me last week and suggested we "shun" the counter-protesters [editor:The pro-VICTORY group]. I wasn't quite ready to go to that extreme, but - after yesterday's spectacle on the corner - we must shun them.
"Shunning is the act of deliberately avoiding association with, and habitually keeping away from an individual or group. It is a sanction against association often associated with religious groups and other tightly-knit organisations and communities. Targets of shunning can include, but are not limited to apostates, whistleblowers,dissidents, people classified as "sinners" or "traitors" and other people who defy or who fail to comply with the standards established by the shunning group(s). Shunning has a long history as a means of organisational influence and control."

Remember now, this is from the leader of the "peace" activists, a genre of humans who demand tolerance for their dissenting view.

There's more. Ms. Porter goes on to describe the Pro-VICTORY folks:
Here's what the people on that street corner are NOT:

* NOT for the troops
* NOT for the war
* NOT for anything even arguably "good"

Instant replay:
* Picture the Civil Rights Movement - picture dogs on chains and
waterhoses on African Americans.
* Picture jack-booted guards in Nazi concentration camps.
* Picture jack-booted guards in the Soviet Gulag.

The word, "jack-booted" has been in my mind ever since these people first appeared. It means this: Cruelly and violently oppressive: "a revival of the aggressive, jack-booted militarism of the Thirties and Forties".

These people were trained by someone in vicious taunting, in vile language,
in cruel tactics. They are dogs on chains. My guess is that at least a couple of them - if, in fact they were ever in the military, and we cannot even believe that - have been trained in the military or elsewhere (Blackwater-type organizations?) in the most vile interrogation tactics. They have been trained, folks, to do what they are doing - which is to break us down.

If you try to have a "friendly" and "peaceful" conversation with them, they have
been trained to figure out a way to turn it on you. I have sensed this from the
beginning - and have been trying to warn you. But some of you, in your sweet
and loving ways, keep trying to talk with them. I'm not asking you now, but
I'm telling you
Peaceful Pro-VICTORY demonstrators "trained by Blackwater-type organizations?" Coo-Coo! What's next? Accuse the pro-VICTORY crowd of waterboarding the peaceniks?

As if the above wasn't enough.... More:
So who are these people [The Pro-VICTORY crowd], and what is behind it? Do I think it's more than one disgruntled person? Yes, I do. Without a private nvestigator or authorities investigating (for which I hope we never have cause), I firmly believe
there's "more to this picture":
* Some key elections are coming up - use your imagination.
* The war is growing more and more unpopular.
* This country uses private mercenaries - jackbooted thugs - and
has huge bases for them here in the U.S. for whatever the government wants to do TO us.
* They are TRAINED by someone.
* Are they paid? that's my guess - no proof, but I doubt they're doing this free.
* The "Christian right" is on a campaign that is every bit as dangerous as the "jihad" that some characterize extremist Muslims asengaging in. Remember, people who have "God is on tgheir side" will stop at nothing and truly believe that the ends justify the means - they can rationalize everything they do.
Trained and paid! No doubt by Blackwater and Halliburton! Secret bases? You see how hate warps the mind? And she thinks it may be necessary to hire a private investigator? Who is it that's trying to infringe on civil liberties here? There's more, much more, but it reads like the typical communist/pacifist manifesto from people more afraid of the Pro-VICTORY crowd and "right wing Christians" than the Islamists who actually DO want to murder us all.

This is the kind of pathology that Skye confronts cheerfully with a smile and an open hand to those who want to share their views on the life and death issues this nation confronts. And she documents it all with her video blogging (oops, Vlogs).

Skye's Example: One Person Makes a Difference

Skye started her personal VICTORY crusade earlier this year all on her own. Now, she's teamed up with folks like Rich Davis, who started the pro-VICTORY demonstration in West Chester all on his own.

Passion and a dedication to great ideals are never alone for long. They attract growing numbers of patriots who want to be on the right side of history and have their voice heard.

Jack booted Nazis trained by Blackwater on secret U.S. bases, funded by Halliburton, gather in Westchester, Pennsylvania last fall. Note the blue bucket in the center. No doubt, they are about ready to start waterboarding the peaceniks! Oh, and There's our own Jennifer Gallagher (who comments at Mike's America) 2nd in from top left.

Some of us may wonder if our own small efforts are worth the trouble? But after learning of Skye's example, each of us must know that whether we go out on the front lines of the political divide as Skye has done, or whether we stick to doing our own thing in our own way we make an impact. Our voices are being heard. We are not alone in our desire to see the flag of this great nation fly high in VICTORY.

The 2008 election will be a key battle determining our nation's course for years to come. Let Skye's example inspire you in the year ahead!

P.S. I haven't told her I would make this award. I encourage all of you who share my admiration for her efforts to visitMidnight Blue and congratulate her.

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