Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why I'm not thrilled about Mike Huckabee

I really didn't want to do a post where I expressed my dislikes for Huckabee but many have asked what I think of him and why I don't like him so I figured I'd lay it all out.

Let me be very clear that a lot of these are just personal preference things and this is just my opinion. If by some miracle he got the nomination or ended up as the VP I would support him, I just wouldn't be excited. He definitely will not be my pick in the primaries.

In July of last year many of us started putting GOP Straw Polls on our blogs. During this post I listed Mike Huckabee and said, "Who is this guy?" A Mike Huckabee fan came on my blog and linked to his blog on Huckabee and I started checking him out. In the beginning he looked fairly good. I also had a contact very connected politically who loved him and wanted him to do well. All of this made me think maybe he'd be somebody to root for.

On the surface he looks good, he is a Governor, he used to be a Southern Baptist Preacher, etc... Some thought he didn't have a prayer because he was "too conservative" but that hasn't been my complaint about him at all.

I think even before the first debate, I had some concerns. As I did some checking into him and started watching the debates these are some of my concerns about him:
--He doesn't look presidential to me, he doesn't have any charisma or appeal to him
--He raised taxes while Governor of Arkansas
--He lost a lot of weight and now wants to wage a battle against childhood obesity via the government.
Ann Coulter brings up how he even joined with Slick Willy in this government agenda.
--He supports a federal law to ban smoking (once again he seems to want to push his beliefs about health on people via the government, this is a fundamental thing that conservatives are supposed to be against)
--He is even worse on immigration than what conservatives have been fit to be tied with Bush about. Here is a clip from Coulter's latest column on it:
On illegal immigration, Huckabee makes George Bush sound like Tom Tancredo. He has compared illegal aliens to slaves brought here in chains from Africa, saying, "I think frankly the Lord is giving us a second chance to do better than we did before."

Toward that end, when an Arkansas legislator introduced a bill that would prevent illegal aliens from voting and receiving state benefits, Huckabee denounced the bill, saying it would rile up "those who are racist and bigots."

He also made the insane point that companies like Toyota would not invest in Arkansas if the state didn't allow non-citizens to vote because it would "send the message that, essentially, 'If you don't look like us, talk like us and speak like us, we don't want you.'"
--I have not been happy about comments that he has made about Bush, the war and Donald Rumsfeld. Dean Barnett had this to say about him during the 1st debate when he was critical of Rumsfeld:
"Mike Huckabee – I look at this guy and wonder where he ever got the notion that he should be president. Even more than the Cranks (see below), his presence on the stage bothered me. Does this guy have anything interesting or original to say? Has he ever?"
--He doesn't pass my gut check, he comes across to me as a used car salesman type, as arrogant and condescending
Again, these are just my personal preferences. I understand that many Christians like him and want to support him and obviously, we could do much worse.

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