Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday Smorgasbord

1) My prayers go out to all of those affected by the devastating fires in California. As always, Democrats are trying to politicize even this tragic event.

Some personal stories:
--American Power
--His Own Private Possession
If you have a personal story about the fire, leave me the link in the comments' section.

2) Lisa Montgomery is found guilty of Murder and Kidnapping. It only took the jury 4 hours. The defense was hoping for her to get off with an insanity plea. It does sound like she had a difficult childhood but nothing excuses ripping a baby from someone's womb, killing them and stealing their baby. The prosecution is hoping to get the death penalty and I think this case definitely qualifies.

3) Ben Stein has gone insane!! I am still speechless that Ben Stein actually gave money to Al Franken to support his senate run in Minnesota. I don't always agree with Stein but so often he is the voice of reason and common sense so this just boggles my mind.

4) Hillary's fund raising scandals would put ANY OTHER PERSON in jail. It always boggles the mind at how much the Clintons escape. Not only is Hillary not in jail but she will be the Democrat nominee and possibly the next President of the U.S. Unless enough people wise up and decide not to put such a corrupt person in office, even if she is a woman.

5) Whoopi Goldberg actually does something praiseworthy.

6) The good news in Iraq is just pouring in. In fact, I would argue that Reliapundit's optimistic prediction is very possible.

7) Dinesh D'Souza writes another excellent book worth checking out.

8) The naughty side of me would LOVE to have this bumper sticker!!

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