Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More on Clarence Thomas & Rush

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"I had to control anger, resentment and animous. Again, those are things I couldn't afford to have, simply because they would destroy me."

"Things like anger, negativity or cynicism, those things sort of bleed away the positive energy that you need to live your life."--Clarence Thomas

I watched the rest of Sean Hannity's interview with Clarence Thomas last night on Hannity's America. I can't get over what a remarkable man he is. So you can imagine my outrage at reading Barbara Shelly's KC Star column, "Why is Clarence Thomas reopening this chapter?" It incensed me enough to write the following letter to the editor:
I was offended at Barbara Shelly's description of Clarence Thomas in her recent column. She seems intent on focusing on a small part of his book where he talked about Anita Hill. During his interviews he talked about how Hill was just a tool that the left used to smear him and he had little else to say about her.

I watched every interview Thomas did this past week and I saw a man whose theme in life is not to dwell on anger or revenge. I think Shelly must have missed these interviews because she couldn't have watched them and concluded that he had a “chip on his shoulder”. I saw the exact opposite and find him remarkably healthy after what he suffered through. We don't get to choose whether we go through trials in life but we can choose how we respond to them. Thomas’s response and life story is an inspiration to us all.
While I was writing this post the KC Star contacted me to verify my letter so it looks like they will probably publish it.


I'm sure most of you have heard by now of Wesley Clark and Elizabeth Edwards weighing in on Rush. Both of these people annoy me incessantly. Remember, Wesley Clark is the one who Madonna endorsed in 2004 for the Democrat primary. Need I say more? Clark wants Rush taken off the air. One of my co-bloggers over at The Astute Bloggers makes this point, does that mean we get to take all the liberals who actually have insulted our troops off the air? Wouldn't that be nice, not to have to hear from Ted Kennedy, Air America or most of the Democrats in Washington?

As for Elizabeth Edwards, why hasn't anyone over at the Edwards' campaign shut her up? She constantly comes out with these inflammatory statements that instead of being refreshing just come across as ridiculous, hypocritical and petty. Her comments about Rush are nothing more than pandering to Media Matters and Moveon.org. It must be nice for such extreme, leftist hate sites to have all the Democrat nominees doing their bidding.

As for Democrats versus Rush on the troops, Mike has this excellent post on all the things Democrat congressmen have said that actually did insult our troops and undermine our cause there.

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