Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Harry Reid and his ilk attack Rush Limbaugh!!

I can't begin to tell you the last time I was this mad. I was spitting nails yesterday!! My blood pressure was through the roof. After listening to Rush's AWESOME interview with Clarence Thomas I had to hear what Harry Reid said on the senate floor about Rush. I was livid and literally screaming at the radio. This is the ULTIMATE in character assassination.

Whether you love him or hate him the one thing EVERYONE knows about Rush Limbaugh is that he loves and supports the troops. He would never say anything even remotely negative about them. Yet, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Harkin had the audacity to take the completely false smear that Media Matters created and talk about it on the floor of Congress as if it were fact. This from the very traitors who have done nothing but undermine and trash our troops. I really don't know how they can say this stuff with a straight face and I certainly don't know how they sleep at night!!

Then they want others to condemn Rush and are trying to get us to believe that Rush somehow insulted our troops. He was talking about one person, Jesse Macbeth, who had been in the military for 6 weeks and didn't even make it through basic training. He was a phony soldier because he was pretending to have fought in Iraq and said he got a purple heart and then was being used by the left as a propaganda tool saying he had killed innocent civilians. It was all a fabrication and a lie, making him indeed a phony soldier as ABC pointed out on the special they did on phony soldiers.

You can bet Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and Tom Harkin are going to hear from me today!! Here are their numbers for those of you who might also want to express your thoughts and feelings on the matter:

Senator Harry Reid--(202)224-3542
Senator Tom Harkin--(202)224-3254
Senator Dick Durbin--(202)224-2152

Meanwhile, Representative Jack Kingston offered a resolution in the House supporting Rush and what he has done for the troops. Kudos to Representative Jack Kingston!! I will be contacting him as well with my support!

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