Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dobson will elect Hillary at this rate

I love and adore Dr. James Dobson and I always will. As I've said in the past I consider him to be a spiritual and political mentor. Yet, it pains me to see the path that he is headed down. He is buying into the "all or nothing" mentality that I have talked about in the past. He is going to end up with nothing because he is upset about not finding the "perfect" candidate. First, he rejected and said he couldn't support McCain and Rudy. Then he expressed displeasure with Fred Thompson and now there is talk that he may go looking for a 3rd party candidate.

I am pretty disturbed by all of this because if Dobson supports a 3rd candidate and enough people follow, Hillary Clinton is sure to be our next President. I will hold Dobson and the other Christian leaders partially responsible for electing Hillary. Bill Clinton would never have won either of his presidential elections had it not been for Ross Perot.

As I was thinking about all of this along with Clarence Thomas this week, something hit me. Many conservatives were unhappy with George Bush Sr. (myself included) but had he been thrown under the bus during his first election like he was during the 2nd we would've never gotten one of the most stellar supreme court justices ever, Clarence Thomas. That is something we need to seriously think about. Bush Sr. may not have been the ideal candidate (especially compared to Reagan) but he gave us Clarence Thomas and protected the country from a Michael Dukakis presidency.

I think the same could be said of Rudy. He may not be the ideal candidate but he will appoint stellar supreme court justices and will protect this country from terrorists. He would be 10 times better as President than Hillary would on so many different levels. Yet, if too many on our side subscribe to the "all or nothing" thinking they will help ensure that Hillary becomes President in 2008. Those pro-lifers that refuse to vote for Rudy or another Republican will help ensure that babies are less safe with Hillary. She will appoint & ACLU type justices to the supreme court that will actively work to promote abortion among many other issues.

Reliapundit points out that he has issues with all the GOP candidates but would vote for any of them over the Democrats. He gives 3 different scenarios of what the White House could look like in 2009. If too many people don't vote or pick a 3rd party candidate we are going to get his 3rd scenario, God help us all if that happens.

Too much is at stake in 2008 to vote for someone who will only ensure Hillary becomes president.

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