Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Smorgasbord

1) Shane had a close call in Iraq when Camp Victory narrowly escaped getting hit by a rocket supplied by Iran. His post on the event brought it home to me how dangerous Iran is and how they are a ticking time bomb that needs to be dealt with soon. Shane also talks about how even though it is dangerous there he takes comfort in Psalm 91. It is a great reminder of trusting God in the midst of danger.

2) The ACLU is supporting Senator Larry Craig. I had to laugh when I saw this in my local paper. The only time the ACLU wants to support a Republican is when they are a sexual deviant.

3) Barry Manilow is such a wimp that he is scared of Elizabeth Hasselback. This goes in the ridiculously, absurd files. There are usually at least 4 liberal women on the show with Hasselback the lone conservative who doesn't even get a chance to talk much and Manilow can't handle coming on "The View"? I am just incredulous!!

4)What is this, a flashback to the 90's? Shepard Smith brought this up recently when he pointed out that OJ is back in jail and Hillary Clinton is talking about Hillary care again. Yikes!!

5) Chas does a sensitive post on the 9/11 "jumpers" and how they didn't actually jump. The whole concept is terrifying to think about. Chas said it well in the comments' section when he said this, "May the horror of it cause us to never let it happen again." I couldn't agree more.

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