Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Smorgasbord

You Are 59% Non Conformist

You definitely have your freak flag out, and from time to time, you wave it.
You have some pretty strong opinions, and you're not afraid to express them.

I found this over at Monica's blog. Compared to her and most of the others in her comments' section I'm a conformist but 59% isn't too shabby.

***Meetings Update--In my personal smorgasbord I talked about my meetings this past week. On Sunday I went to a meeting for Cures without Cloning. It was very exciting seeing the grassroots efforts that are going to be taking place to continue this fight. I am actually going to be my County's coordinator as we gather signatures to get an initiative on the ballot in 2008. I will keep you updated as we make progress.

Tuesday I went to my county's Republican Central Committee meeting. We got to hear about life in D.C. from Tom Brown, Congressman Sam Graves' Chief of Staff. We also had a mock Republican Primary election and Fred Thompson won with Duncan Hunter coming in 2nd. I was a happy camper!! It seems like I'm seeing a lot of Mitt Romney stuff here in Missouri since thats who our Governor and Jim Talent are supporting. So I was glad to see that support doesn't extend everywhere.

***Shane did a neat post on what a September 11th Remembrance ceremony was like in Iraq.

Stay tuned for a Missouri post tomorrow on several hot button issues that are going on here. Including one where I dug up some info myself.

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