Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Persecution of Women in Iran

I was livid yesterday at the outrage of Columbia University having Hitler Jr. speak on campus. I talked about it at length on my radio show yesterday morning.

Just to give you a glimpse of the kind of freedoms people have in Iran check out the following videos. The above one details the persecution of Women in Iran, another one shows the persecution of homosexuals and another the persecution of Christians.

This article gives a great list of why it was a slap in the face to have Ahmadinejad speak at Columbia:
"...Columbia was lending its name and prestige to a leader of a terrorist-sponsoring dictatorship who denies the existence of the Holocaust, vows to eliminate Israel, preaches Islamic extremism, and aspires to build nuclear weapons."

Columbia University does not allow the ROTC on their campus, they have denied the Minutemen the right to speak and yet it is okay for a terrorist-sponsoring dictator to come and speak. It sounds like your average, insane, socialist utopia, liberal campus.

Iranian students at Columbia are upset over this because they know how this will be portrayed and used for propaganda purposes over in Iran.

It is just ridiculous because we are dealing with an irrational mad man. You cannot reason with someone who is beyond reason. Yet, the Dean of Columbia said that they would even give "Hitler a platform to speak" at their University if he was still alive. What kind of message does that send? It is okay for you to arm and sponsor terrorists but we will still send you an invitation to speak at our University so we can have an "open dialogue". Unbelievable!!

Then the President, Lee Bollinger thinks he can justify the invitation by unloading on Ahmadinejad before he gets up to speak. That just seems completely irrational to me. Lets invite someone, give them a platform to speak but bash them to their face right before they get up to speak. A little strange if you ask me.

The whole thing was a drama performance and I'm sure it will make a nice propaganda piece for those in Iran.

Many are outraged over this, including state and city lawmakers who are trying to find a way to deprive Columbia of state aid as a result. Many protested and are planning on protesting today at the UN.

I have never had a desire to be a part of the protest but I can guarantee you that if I lived in New York my kids and I would've been a part of yesterday and today's protests.

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