Friday, September 28, 2007

If Democrats had any brains, they'd be Republicans & The Kingdom

Ann Coulter's newest book comes out on October 2nd!! Since I finally finished her previous book, Godless, just recently I am excited to get her next one. Hopefully, this one won't take me a year to read.

I love to read but between homeschooling, blogging, the radio show and keeping up with my TV/Movie addictions its hard to find the time :-). A friend of mine does a book challenge with a group of women to read 50 books a year so I'm insanely going to join them this coming January. I figure that ought to force me to make the time to read. And no lectures about how I need to watch TV less, its not in the cards :-).

Speaking of movie addictions this new movie that comes out today, "The Kingdom" with Jennifer Garner looks awesome. I am a huge Jennifer Garner fan and will have to rope somebody into going to see this with me. I've read several reviews and it looks like there is no political correctness run amok in it. It appears to be a movie of Americans going after terrorists and that is viewed as the right way to handle it.

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