Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred Thompson & The Republican Debate

I was glad to see Fred Thompson on Jay Leno last night. I thought he did a great job. I'm looking forward to seeing him officially announce today.


To be honest I wasn't that thrilled about watching the debate without Fred but I did anyway.

My Rankings:

1) Duncan Hunter--Best line of the night--"Thats one thing about our party, when our guys have problems like this they leave, they leave the Senate or the House. When the Democrats have problems like this they often make them chairman of their respective committees." Pure gold :-)!!

Awesome comment about what our soldiers have done in the Anbar province and how we leave Iraq in victory. Awesome praise of our men and women in the uniform.

Good answer to the Iran question.

2) Rudy Giuliani--He gave the best answer to the Fred question at the beginning of the debate. I loved his comment about the Democrat candidates needing on the job training.

Best answer to the Iran question.

My biggest disappointment in him was his comment about how if he wasn't running he would be endorsing McCain-gag!!

I thought he dropped the ball on the Family Values question.

3) Mitt Romney--For the first time I will admit that he did "look" very presidential at this debate. And he did get the most low blow questions. Yet, he was never able to respond well to them. I hadn't heard his comparison of his sons helping him to get elected to others' sons serving in Iraq (I was out of town). Wow!! Talk about a HUGE blunder.

Bad and confusing answer to the Iran question. Consensus with other nations? What if there is no consensus? We let Iran have free reign?

4) Sam Brownback--I think this picture says it all.

5) Mike Huckabee--No one seems to get why I strongly dislike Huckabee, I'm not even sure why I do, but he fails my gut check, big time!! He comes across as very condescending. Some have mentioned him as a VP candidate, I'm not even comfortable with that.

6) John McCain--The only thing he said that I was impressed with was his comments about cutting back on spending. Otherwise, he always looks uncomfortable. You get the impression that he isn't comfortable in his own skin. He also comes across as arrogant to me. His answer on torture was horrible, I still can't believe that even he buys into that belief.

7) Tom Tancredo--Angry and bitter, this guy is a total pessimist.

8) Ron Paul--The Ultimate nut job candidate who doesn't even belong at a Republican debate. Chris Wallace burned him big time when he implied that he was taking orders from Al Qaeda. Wallace also exposed Paul when he listed all the things that Paul would do away with such as the IRS, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Federal Reserve, Medicare....." Need I say more????

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