Saturday, September 01, 2007

Favorite Toons and Crazy/Busy Life

Toons Credit: Glenn McCoy

Toon Credit: Paul Nowak

Toon Credit: Michael Ramirez

In Wordsmith fashion all the Cartoons have links/easter eggs behind them if you click on the cartoons except the last one.

My Life

My life is super busy/crazy right now and I really don't have time to blog but as you see I am. Why, you may be asking? Because according to a quiz that both Shoprat and Patrick posted I am 67% addicted to blogging ;-)!!

This weekend I am having my 13 yr. old daughter's Birthday party, going to a rodeo out of town and a zillion other things. So if you haven't seen me commenting at your blog recently its because I am a crazy woman on caffeine trying to get stuff done.

Also, I am starting Karate next week, finally joining my husband and my kids in this sport so it will officially be a family sport ;-)!!

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