Monday, September 10, 2007

Democrats and Media Trash Petraeus' Report

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Democrats and their allies in the Media are trashing the Petraeus' report and it hasn't even come out yet. My own KC Star had this headline on the front page of yesterday's paper, Setbacks Outweigh Successes in Buildup and the small line at the top said this, "Little reason for optimism seen". No liberal bias there (sarcasm)!! And how sad that both seem so invested in defeat that they can't even root for their own country and their own soldiers.

Look at the successes in the Anbar province which Chuck Schumer trashed (and later reworded) and yet, let us not forget that even the NY Times said this is a war we might just win. Even Katie Couric (of all people) came back from Iraq with positive things to say.

Yesterday, while the Democrats were on the Sunday morning shows sabotaging Petraeus, Senator Lindsay Graham shockingly, had this to say which I wholeheartedly agree with:
"...the troop increase is "undeniably working" and that "the only way we're going to lose this war is to have politicians in Washington undercut the surge."

Rather than withdrawing, he said on Fox, "Now's the time to pour it on."

Gateway Pundit has an excellent post on this as well entitled, Media & Democrats Surge Against Surge Report. He links to a post the Prairie Pundit did where the author, Merv Benson is describing a poll that is the result of the attacks by the Democrats and the Drive By Media. He says it well:
"The poll also showed the effect of the unceasing attacks on the President by the most disloyal opposition in war time in history. This story and others suggest that the democrats are willing to turn the same venomous attacks on military leaders in order to secure their desperation for defeat. The current democrat party is willing to say and do anything to insure our defeat in this war and history should judge them harshly. The American people need to wake up to what the disloyal opposition is doing.

I am reasonably sure that the 32 percent who do not trust the military are Democrats who make up the kook base of the party that is the driving force behind their desperation for defeat. They should be ashamed."
It is not enough to attack Bush, now they are going after Petraeus. Who as Gateway Pundit also points out was approved by the US Senate 81-0.

As I write this Petraeus is getting ready to give his report, but what do you do when the Democrats are invested in defeat?

Lantos is completely despicable for his attacks before Petraeus even gets to speak, unbelievable!! Kudos to Duncan Hunter (no wonder I love this guy) and to Ros-Lehtinen. Ros-Lehtinen takes to task for their despicable attacks on Petraeus, impressive.

The Code Pink protester was the perfect, insane example of an anti-war nut. My kids were watching the hearings at the time and I told them, this is what your average anti-war protester is like, scary!! Its kind of like those people who call Sean Hannity's hate line and berate him and think they are accomplishing something when alls they do is make fools out of themselves.

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