Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bitter Pessimists & Defeatists: Case in Point--The Cult of Ron Paul

(Warning: Video contains some crude language)
"Ron Paul, the Republican Kucinich"--Don Surber
What is up with the cultic followers of Ron Paul? The list of reasons for Ron Paul being a nut job are endless and yet he has a small group of loyal followers who are as insane as him and yet tenacious and extremely internet savvy. Everywhere I go, if the name Ron Paul is mentioned his followers come out of the woodwork to sing his praises. Just today I was at 2 different blogs where the blog owners were being attacked in the comments' section for not being Ron Paul supporters.

The above video shows how he is even one of the loony people who believe 9/11 was an inside job. Lest we forget, Penn and Teller remind us how insane those people are. He is also as bad, if not worse, than your average liberal on understanding the War on Terror. He has been against the War on Iraq since day 1, he is against the Patriot Act, the list goes on. I don't care if he is great on the 2nd amendment, or supposedly supports homeschooling as I just heard recently, he doesn't get the war we are in with terrorists, he is an appeaser and would jeopardize this country's safety in the worst way.

It finally hit me recently how to explain the Ron Paul cult followers and many others. The longer I live the more optimistic I become and the more resistant I become to pessimistic and defeatist type people. I cannot comprehend the reason to have such a doom and gloom view of life and yet there are many of these "type" of people.

You will find them in your personal life, in politics, in religion because they are are in all facets of life. For whatever reason they have become disgruntled with life and thus their goal is to be as negative as possible and to try and drag others down with them. I have seen this in my personal life. I know 3 different women all with different problems but all 3 of them have decided that their course in life is to be miserable and a martyr and you can't convince them otherwise. I spent hours listening to them vent about their problems, I was compassionate and just listened at times and other times I gave them advice on how to escape their problems. It became obvious over time that they didn't want a solution to their problems, they just wanted to be unhappy and be able to complain about how miserable they were. After a while it hit me that they were getting some kind of "benefit" from being a "martyr".

I have also seen this in politics and even in religion. There are people who are very bitter about what a certain "church" or a certain "religion" did to them so their solution is to be bitter and reject it all. In politics there are many who are bitter about Democrats or Republicans or certain politicians. Some become disgruntled with the whole process in general and decry that "all" politicians are corrupt and the whole process isn't worth being involved in. Do they have an alternative, constructive plan on how to make things better? Of course not!! They just want to be bitter, defeatist, pessimistic and get very angry at you if you suggest working towards or supporting something that is less than "perfect" in their mind.

I saw this most at work with those conservatives who were suffering from BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) over immigration. Logic, rationality went out the window and the bitterness took over. Did it accomplish anything constructive or helpful? No, but they seemed to get some type of cathartic relief out of the whole ordeal.

I have come to realize that there will always be these type of people in all the different aspects of life. Yet, it doesn't mean that I have to allow these people to drag me down or make me bitter or even waste my time listening to a lot of what they have to say.

My conclusion is that the Ron Paul die hard cult followers will continue to sing his praises and invest a lot of time and energy being bitter about how awful all the other main stream Republican candidates are but they will accomplish nothing. Ron Paul doesn't have a prayer of getting the nomination and I thank God for that. I'm sure I will get lots of interesting comments in the comments' section and accusations of failing to see the truth, etc... Yet, I will continue to be rational and I will support the best (not perfect) candidate I can find for President in 2008 and that won't be Ron Paul.

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