Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bikers for Fred Thompson!!

I absolutely loved this video when I saw it at Patrick's!! When you like both bikers and Fred Thompson, it is nice to see the two of them combined ;-)!!

I had an interesting discussion with my Conservative friend's liberal husband the other day. We have pretty good discussions on politics because he is a little more rational than your average liberal, in contrast to the liberals at the Democrat Underground who had all kinds of nice things to say about me after reading my Scooter Libby post.

We talked about the presidential candidates from both parties. I asked him what he thought of Gore's chances and he said that Al Gore is the left's version of Newt Gingrich. I thought about it and had to agree because there may be a lot of people on the left enchanted with Al Gore but he doesn't have a prayer and I think the same could be said of Newt. At one time I thought Newt had a chance but now that it looks like Fred Thompson will get in, his chances have plummeted.

My liberal friend also despises Hillary but thinks she will get the nomination. We talked about the Republican field and I talked about how discouraged I was up until Fred entered onto the scene. He said, now you know how we've felt for the past 20 years. In other words he hasn't been happy with any of the Dem nominees for quite awhile. Then he made my day by saying that he thinks Hillary will lose and that he thinks Fred Thompson will be the next president. I agreed but was glad to hear him say it. Before Fred I was bracing myself for a Hillary presidency. Whereas now I think if we nominate Fred we have a pretty good shot. Hillary has a 52% disapproval rating of people that won't vote for her. Many on the left may love her but there are also a lot of people that still have vivid memories of the Clinton years, and they aren't good memories.

All of that to say, my optimism and hope of Fred Thompson being the Republican nominee is growing stronger. I am planning on jumping on the Fred Thompson bandwagon shortly after he declares and will probably join one of his blogrolls.

For several reasons I just love Bruce Willis. I love his acting, his politics and just the way he carries himself. I'm looking forward to seeing his latest movie, Live Free or Die Hard. This video shows him being cornered and asked his opinion about his former Die Hard co-star Fred. He says its too early to be talking about nominees but that he really likes Fred.

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