Thursday, June 28, 2007

Senator Kit Bond & My Thoughts on the Immigration Bill

In Defense of Senator Kit Bond

Shane emailed me on Tuesday and wanted to know what was up. My Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill had seemingly voted to kill the immigration bill and my Republican Senator Kit Bond had voted to continue debate on it. I let Shane know that Kit Bond has been a stellar senator on almost every issue so I would check into his reasoning. Over the years I can't remember ever disagreeing with him on any issue, he is a Conservative's dream Senator.

This is what Kit Bond had to say about his vote:
"First, I voted to allow this debate to occur so I could force a vote on my amendment that cuts the heart out of amnesty. My amendment would cut the path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

"I think it is critical that my colleagues go on-the-record regarding whether they support giving U.S. citizenship to illegal immigrants. That is the heart of the amnesty that I, and a majority of Missourians, oppose.

"Citizenship is the most precious gift America has to offer. It should not serve as a reward to those who broke the law to enter or remain in this country.

"Also, the more this bill is exposed to the light of day through debate, the more people will see its fundamental flaws -- like the amnesty provisions and the $25 billion in new mandatory entitlement spending for illegal immigrants.

"Many people don't realize that the 12 million illegal immigrants legalized in this bill will eventually qualify for Medicare, Social Security and other entitlements. This will cost a lot of money and not even half of it will be covered by the new fees impose in the bill.

"The more my colleagues and the public understand what is really in this flawed bill, the better chances we have at ultimately defeating it.

"It is important to understand that yesterday's vote on the motion to proceed is just one of several 60 vote chances we have to kill this bill.

"I agree with Missourians who are outraged with this bill in its current form and I will vote against waiving the budget act to allow this bill's mandatory new entitlement spending on formerly illegal immigrants - that requires 60 votes.

"I will also vote against the motion to end debate, which also requires 60 votes.

"I want to be clear - unless the bill's fundamental flaws are stripped from this bill - such as amnesty for illegal immigrants and the $25 billion in new entitlements -- I will vote to kill this bill."

To hear his comments about it yesterday, go here, to hear his comments about his vote on Sean Hannity's show, go here.

My Thoughts

This issue just continues to make my heart sick. I hope the bill is killed today like many are predicting. I am upset with the President for pushing this so hard when he knows so many are against it. I am upset with the likes of Lindsey Graham and John McCain for turning a deaf ear to their constituents. I am upset with those on our side who are so hysterical and irrational on this. Hearing Ann Coulter trash my President hurts my heart tremendously.

I don't care how important an issue is, it isn't worth the vitriol and eating our own. I hate the immigration debate for that very reason, it seems to bring out the ugliest side of all people. I hope next time around our Representatives listen better to what the American people are saying and I hope Conservatives will be a bit more rational and civil on how they handle the debate.

Thank God, the bill is dead!!!!!!!!!

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