Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Newt Gingrich Just Lost Some More Ground w/LMC

I understand that it is extremely popular to bash the President right now but I have to say this really ticked me off. In this rather lengthy New Yorker article Newt Gingrich is quoted as saying:
"The Bush Administration has become a Republican version of the Jimmy Carter Presidency..."
He also says that Rove's strategy for winning in 2004 was “maniacally dumb”. You can say a lot of things about Karl Rove, but dumb isn't one of them.

When you add this to Gingrich's recent failure to clock Kerry in the global warming debate I fear he is not the man many had hoped him to be. Whenever he gets around liberals he seems to have this strange desire for them to like him and I don't think thats who we want for our leader.

The New Yorker article also reveals some friction between Gingrich and Delay on several issues and on all of them I'd have to say I'd come down on the side of Delay. Which I just see as another bad sign. You combine this with Newt's baggage and his refusal to jump into the race until fall and I think you come up with someone who doesn't have a prayer of winning the Republican nomination.

Since the field is so dismal I can't say I would completely write him off but he just went down lower on my likable and viable list. Who does that leave for me personally? Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter, Rudy Giuliani and if I'm forced to pick between Romney and McCain I'd settle for Romney.

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