Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Chat With Rush Limbaugh

I'm still on Cloud 9 and just beaming. Yesterday, I was able to get through on Rush Limbaugh's show.

I had tried to call on Wednesday and wasn't able to get through. I was determined that I would dedicate myself to trying to get through on Open Line Friday. Amazingly, I got through pretty quickly but then was on hold for about an hour. I was nervous but just kept going over what I was going to say and managed to hold it together while talking to him. Here is the transcript from his website on my question:
CALLER: Hi. Mega dittos. I'm so excited that I got through.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I just wanted you to know, I have a political blog and I have a Rush babe emblem right there on the front to show everybody my support --

RUSH: That a babe, that a babe.

CALLER: So I wanted to let you know I was listening to your response to the "we can't win" guy on Wednesday and I was just cheering the whole time. It just expressed my views on the war to a T, and I feel like you do in that I've been a little discouraged by some of the people in our own party that seem to have the same we can't win attitude, and especially Bill Buckley wrote this piece, you know, recently about The waning of the GOP saying that --

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: -- we can't win the war, the Republican Party might even suffer from this. And I know you love Bill Buckley, and I'm just wondering where is he coming from with this?

RUSH: Well, I can only speculate, because I haven't spoken to him about it. I got e-mail about that. "Hey, Rush, you love Buckley, did you see what he wrote? How can you still like Buckley?" You people are not aware of the pressures I'm under because of the things that I admit. There's a branch of conservatism that holds we ought go nowhere where our national interests are not threatened. We cannot be, quote, unquote, policemen of the world. I can't tell you for sure that I know that Bill Buckley has been on board and then got off the train. I don't know if he started out being for this or if he didn't. I think what he's assessing is the bungling of this as he sees it, and he thinks that the bungling of this is going to really, really decimate the Republican Party, because it's looking incompetent. It could well be that Mr. Buckley has fallen prey to what we've been talking about the last couple days, the media bubble. But he's not the only one. There are quite a few others --

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: -- who I know at the outset were very supportive and ready to go, and simply don't like the way it's been, and I think in his view his criticism is based on incompetence of the whole thing. No, he's not rooting for defeat. It's a big difference out there, Dionne. He's not rooting for defeat. He's ruing it, and he's worried about the impact that it might have on the Republican Party and of course the future.

He then went on to ask me about this KC story, Airport adds foot basins for Muslim cabbies.

I hadn't heard about it but I was able to go on and ask him another question that I was hoping to be able to slip in. I asked him for advice on my internet radio show starting in June. He asked what it was going to be about and joked that I could do my best imitation of him.

During this part of the conversation I mentioned that I was a conservative Christian so he asked me another question about Mitt Romney and why Christians have a problem with Mormonism. The caller right before me didn't understand why people had issues with Romney being a Mormon. I explained that most Evangelicals view Mormonism as a cult. I mentioned that even though I agreed with that view it wasn't going to affect my view of Romney. I brought up that it would probably just indicate he was more moral than your average person and Orrin Hatch would be the perfect example. He then told the call screener not to take any calls about Mormonism because he had just gotten the answer to his question. Yah!!

It was a great experience and it was so great that I got to talk to him longer than just asking the one question. An awesome day!!

Fellow blogger Mike was so sweet. He heard me on the radio and immediately realized it was me and emailed me. He then sent out another email telling everyone even linking to the KC story. Thanks, Mike!!

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