Monday, May 14, 2007

LMC'S Smorgasbord

1) My kids and I and some friends went to Worlds of Fun this past Friday. My husband's work gets a night for all the employees and their families to go for free from 6-Midnight. My husband couldn't come with us because of a recent injury to his one knee and his other one still isn't back up to par from his surgery last year. A KC Star photographer was there and took this pic of us that they put up on their website.

2) I hope all the Moms had a great Mother's Day yesterday!!

3) Bill Kristol Rocks!! Bill Kristol is one of those people who either really inspires me or really ticks me off. This was one of the inspirational times and he nails it right on the head. Take the time to watch this clip, Kristol outdoes himself here and had me cheering.

4) The winner of Survivor last night was Earl Cole who is actually from Kansas City. My kids and I were very disappointed that Yau-Man didn't win. What I did find neat is how popular Yau-Man was with all the viewers. Since Yau-man was the only honest guy in the mix I found this encouraging. Most people still admire those who are honest and have integrity.

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