Saturday, May 26, 2007


Gathering of Eagles had another event today and our very own Skye attended again. She already has some pictures like the one above at her site and Mike is reporting in for her also. Continue to check both sites for more updates and I will try to get a comprehensive post up on it also.

I don't have time for anything in-depth but thought I'd post a couple of pics & cartoons with easter eggs behind them to make Wordsmith happy.

As most of you have probably heard Rosie is not only a bully but also throws temper tantrums. After Elisabeth took her to task she reportedly did the following:
1) Trashed her dressing room

2) Had a cohort deface pictures of Elisabeth in the studio.

3) Refused to finish her last 3 weeks on the show.

I find all of this unfathomable. If Elisabeth had been this upset the first time Rosie gave her a hard time she would've quit the first week Rosie started on the show. It amazes me how bullies have such thin skin. They can dish it out but they can't take it when its served back to them.

After I last posted on Jimmy he was saying that he had been misinterpreted, which we all knew wasn't true. Yet, he probably realized he had gone way over the line once again. It also isn't a good idea when history shows your presidency was one of the worst to go around accusing others of being the worst. It doesn't go over real well. As many have stated, there is a reason Carter was only a one term president.

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