Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Harry Reid Needs to Resign

I'm with Rep. Duncan Hunter, Harry Reid needs to resign!! Watch this video and you will hear the message from the now famous Marine who had some very emotional things to say to Harry Reid.

I am just fed up with the defeatism and political posturing from the Democrats in DC. Apart from Joe Lieberman no Democrat seems to care about the security of this country, our troops or the future of the Iraqi people. Otherwise they wouldn't be so willing to send this strong message of appeasement just to satisfy the element of their party. It is disgraceful.

Had enough? Join me in letting your voice be known in DC. I'm going to be contacting my Representative and Senators either to praise them for voting against defeat or if they voted with Harry Reid let them know what I think about that ;-)!! To contact your Rep or Senator, go here. Enough is enough!!

Marie has written an excellent post on Bush's veto!! She had this to say:
"The Democrats have officially become the Party of Surrender, Defeat, and Treason!"

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