Friday, May 25, 2007

Democrats Don't Seem to Care About National Security

Nancy Pelosi's First 100 Days

Video Hat tip: Marie's Two Cents

The above video tells what Pelosi has done in her first 100 days, not to mention as I point out below how our country has being weakened by the Democrats having more power.

Why do I say that elected Democrats don't seem to care about national security?


1) Pelosi's "talks" with Syria have not only not helped but made things worse for both Syria and the U.S. Mike's excellent expose shows the damage she did with her trip to Syria. I had liberals coming on here talking about how there was nothing wrong with her trip. Tell that to the innocent Syrian dissidents who were fighting for basic human rights who were imprisoned and tortured as a DIRECT RESULT OF PELOSI'S TRIP.

2) John Edwards (aka The Breck Girl) doesn't seem to think that there is a War on Terror. Al Qaeda is a figment of everyone else's imagination. Yet, Israel (the only full fledged democracy in the Middle East) is the greatest threat to world peace according to the Breck Girl.

3) Clinton and Obama have proudly refused to fund the troops.

I could list more but I'll stop there for now.

Memo to Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Rosie and all the other liberals that view what was done at Abu Ghraib as so horrible. This Al Qaeda torture manual shows what REAL TORTURE is and what our enemy has done and would do to innocent people if they had the opportunity.

What was it the Breck Girl said? There is no war on terror!! Tell that to all the victims of terror who have been tortured and killed.

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