Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Crybaby George Tenet

"Just a pathetic attempt by someone to rehabilitate his legacy at the cost of another's legacy."--Curt from Flopping Aces

George Tenet is being called many things right now but when I reflect on it I would say that "lacking principle & backbone" is probably the most apt description for him. As I mentioned in my post on the fired attorneys, whoever the Republican nominee is that wins the presidency in 2008 had better clean house. Tenet was a Clinton holdover and the result is typical.

Tenet didn't like being demonized by the Drive By Media, so stabbing Bush and Cheney in the back is a way to get back in the Drive By's good graces. I call it despicable!!

Tenet has already been caught in numerous lies and he is getting hammered by the left and the right. I hope the $2 million dollar book deal was worth making an idiot out of yourself and attacking decent men who had this country's best interest at heart.

The Weekly Standard has been on top of this story and Bill Kristol wrote a great article on Tenet's troubling errors in his book. Christopher Hitchens has written a piece blasting Tenet entitled, A Loser's History: George Tenet's sniveling, self-justifying new book is a disgrace. Also, check out Wordsmith's hilarious pic on all of this.

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