Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Creation Museum

Answers in Genesis opened their Creation Museum yesterday. I am very excited and proud of this project. My parents have made special vacation plans to go see it this summer.

What never ceases to amaze me is how controversial it has already become. All the familiar arguments are thrown out against those of us "naive idiots" who believe in Creationism instead of Evolution. If you don't believe in evolution you are a considered by the elite to be an uneducated minority who is anti-science. The school board members in Kansas that wanted Intelligent Design to at least be offered as an alternative theory to Evolution were ridiculed as being anti-science kooks. If you take the time to study you'll find that science backs up Creationism a lot more than it does Evolution.

In my high school debate class I was involved in a debate on whether Evolution was true or not. My friend freaked out when she found out we were on the side against Evolution. She was convinced that the evidence was overwhelmingly for evolution and we were sure to lose. I just smiled. I did a ton of research and we came prepared and kicked their butts and won the debate hands down!!! To be honest, it is one of my favorite memories of high school. We never sought to prove Creation, only to disprove Evolution.

Evolution has A LOT of holes in it and their is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF of evolution and yet it is taught in every single public school today. Both Evolution and Creationism are theories that can't be proven because no one can go back in time and watch the beginning of the world taking place. People talk about how Creationism involves faith but it takes a lot more faith to believe in evolution over creation. To this day there has never, ever been a transitional form found to prove that Evolution takes place. Yet, it is taught as FACT in all public schools.

When you consider how Intelligent Design can't even be taught as an alternative theory to Evolution in schools it amazes me that Evolutionists can't even stand the thought of this museum. How dare someone plant the idea that Evolution might not be true? My belief is that Evolutionists wouldn't be so threatened if they really believed their theory was true.

Contrary to popular belief there are a lot of scientists (scroll down on the link to see the list) that don't believe in Evolution and do believe in Creationism. For those of you who insist that Evolution has to be true because all the "experts" say so and its what you've always been taught take the time to check out what organizations like Answers in Genesis have to say. To start, read this article, Can Creationists be Scientists?

I know many will disagree and be 100% convinced that I am an anti-science kook for believing in Creationism. Thats okay, but take the time to study the other side. Evolution is one of those "politically correct" issues that has been rammed down our throats with no alternative allowed. If Evolution is so fool-proof why do so many want to silence the other side?

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