Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Booting Ron Paul

Ron Paul Talks with 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts

I for one don't care whether Ron Paul participates in anymore Republican debates. Republicans that have anything favorable to say about Paul are far and few between. The only ones I can think of are possibly Chuck Hagel, or perhaps Rudy for Paul making him look so good at the debate. Just as Jimmy Carter is irrelevant so is Ron Paul. Besides him raising my blood pressure, I consider him like a gnat to be swatted. He won't be around long and doesn't have a prayer at getting the Republican presidential nomination.

That said, I was delighted to read Patrick's post on the guy who I anticipate being the one to give Ron Paul the boot from his House seat. Eric Dondero declared his decision to challenge Ron Paul right after his appearance at the Republican debate. He too is a Libertarian Republican but one who believes in National Security. Here is what Nate Nelson had to say about Eric Dondero on his blog:
"Congressman Ron Paul is like a sore on the behind of Republican libertarianism. He makes it seem as though Republican libertarianism is nothing more than Buchananesque defeatism and isolationism. Eric Dondero is a positive alternative to Ron Paul: unabashedly Republican, unabashedly conservative, unabashedly libertarian, and unabashedly willing to balance these three systems. Perhaps most importantly, he is unabashedly willing to vote in favor of defending our country. He is a better choice for Texas' 14th District and for America."

Check out Eric Dondero's blog, spread the word and show him your support, especially if you live in Texas.

Mike summed it up well in the comments' section on Skye's blog:
"One difference though between how the GOP and Dems handle their kooks. You're never going to see Ron Paul sitting in the Presidential Box at a GOP Convention as we did with Michael Moore sitting next to Carter in 2004.

We take out our trash. Dems leave it in the living room and let it stink.

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