Monday, February 26, 2007

What are the Oscars?

A politically correct, liberal love fest!! An opportunity for snobby, Hollywood elitists to bash Bush, our country and the people who live in the midwest and believe in traditional values. I love movies but the Oscars very rarely nominates or awards people and/or movies that I like. The only winning movies in the past 11 yrs. that I've thought were worthy of Oscars were Braveheart and Titanic.

Last night the movies nominated for best documentary included a propaganda film about global warming, a film that bashed Christian home schoolers, a film that bashed Catholic priests, a film about Iraq from the perspective of "An outspoken critic of the U.S. occupation", and another film about Iraq described like this, "told by Iraqis living in a time of war, occupation and ethnic tension". All of these documentaries reek with political correctness and a hostility to average, every day Americans.

So Al Gore got his Oscar last night for best propaganda film. Melissa Etheridge also won for best song from the film and she said this after kissing her wife:
"Mostly, I have to thank Al Gore for inspiring me, showing me that caring about the earth is not Republican or Democrat, it's not red or blue. We are all green," Etheridge said.
I thought I was going to be ill.

Does Gore getting the award impress me? No, I figure if Michael Moore can get one they aren't that hard to earn. Then I see that Gore is Carter's favorite pick to run for president on the Democrat ticket for 2008. Go here to see the video. I literally am shaking my head trying to figure out who is more insane, Carter or Gore? It's a toss-up!!

Bottom line:
There are a lot of good movies out there but few that will be nominated, let alone win Academy Awards.

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