Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Utah Voucher Program

"The significance of this bill cannot be overestimated," said Andrew J. Coulson, Director of the Cato Institute's Center for Educational Freedom. "If passed, it will be an unprecedented step forward for educational freedom in America."

Strike 1 for the Teachers' Unions!! Utah's House and Senate have both passed a bill providing school vouchers for all kids in the state of Utah. Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. signed the bill into law yesterday so Utah will be the first state to have a state-wide voucher program.

Get out the moving boxes, I'm moving to Utah. This is awesome progress for the supporters of school choice. Kudos to Representative Stephen H. Urquhart for sponsoring the bill.

The Associated Press seems to be whining in their description of this news :-). I can't imagine why all the teacher's organizations would be against it. Perhaps, it is because it would strip all their power and money away. It doesn't matter that it will be much better for the kids.

Support for vouchers:
Milton Friedman's--Free to Choose
Alliance for School Choice
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