Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rudy is in!!

Rudy Giuliani on Hannity & Colmes (Part 1 of 2)

(Part 2 of 2)

I watched him talk to Sean Hannity about the crucial issues and I have to admit I was pretty impressed. Make sure you watch the video if you didn't see him on Hannity and Colmes last night. His answers on guns and marriage both worked for me. He said he believes marriage should just be between a man and a woman and that he believes in domestic partnerships for homosexuals.

I am still nervous about him not being pro-life but his assurances on picking good judges confirmed my hunch that he would pick strict constructionists. The fact that he even used the word strict constructionists and that he loves Scalia, Roberts and Alito was music to my ears. That is the area where the pro-life issue is most important.

He is awesome on taxes and stellar on terrorism. He is pro-school choice which is a big issue for me. Overall, I was encouraged.

Afterwards Dick Morris was on the show and talked about his meeting with some right wingers. He said he was shocked (I was not) that when he asked them if Republicans could get over McCain's issues 75% of them said they couldn't and when he asked them the same question about Giuliani it was the exact opposite of 75% saying they could. Rudy over McCain any day!!

Here are some excerpts from Morris's column, IT'S NOW A RUDY ROMP:
Until now, the status of front-runner in the Republican primaries for president was jointly held by Arizona Sen. John McCain and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. McCain is clearly no longer the front-runner. In the last week or so, Giuliani has moved out to a clear lead.

* McCain's latest fund-raising report, for the fourth quarter of 2006, was pathethic: He raised only $1.7 million and has only pocket change - $472,454 - on hand.

* A Fox News poll of Jan. 30-31 shows the former mayor jumping out to a significant lead among Republicans - 34 to 22 percent.

* A Gallup poll taken Jan. 25-28 shows Giuliani is better liked by Republicans than McCain -74 to 21 percent and more trusted to handle a crisis (68-20). Some 60 percent say Giuliani "better understands the problems of the average person," against 33 percent who pick McCain. By 58-34, America's Mayor is seen as the stronger leader.

Giuliani has developed an effective parry to charges that his pro-choice stance would undo eight years of pro-life heavy lifting by the Bush administration. He's saying he'd oppose partial-birth abortion and work to continue to curtail Medicaid funding for abortion. More, he'd appoint judges like Justices Samuel Alito and John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

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