Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Republicans Have a Backbone and the Resolution Fails

Lieberman Iraq Speech (part 1)

Part 2

Many of us posted on this despicable resolution and how it was imperative that it fail. Many of us asked everyone to contact Republican senators and let them know how you felt. It looks like our voices made a difference because all of the Republican senators blocked the resolution except two RINO's, Collins and Coleman.

Take notice, because very rarely will you see me posting a video of a Democrat's speech and praising it :-). Lieberman nails it and all of the Republicans joined him in voting against this resolution coming up for a vote without more debate except Collins and Coleman. I give praise where praise is due and in this case the Republicans get my commendation.

Of course, the Drive By Media is spinning this as Republicans being obstructionists. It isn't really true but even if it was you would see me laughing since Bush has had to deal with obstructionist Democrats for six years on the crucial issue of judges. The Republicans actually wanted MORE debate on other resolutions. They wanted the Democrats to put up or shut up. Either vote not to fund the war or support the troops. Don't come up with this pansy resolution which is a vote of no confidence and undermines our troops and encourages the enemy.

I have an extra spring in my step today seeing Republicans stand on principle, fight for a just cause and have a backbone. Kudos to Lieberman too for standing strong on such an important cause in the face of fierce opposition. Also, very rarely will you see me praising McCain but he gets some today too for standing strong on this.

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