Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The KC Mayor's Race Sucks

We have 12 people running for Mayor of KC and I can't find one of them that impresses me. Part of the problem is Kansas City is infested with liberal Democrats, thus mostly Democrats run for the Mayor's office and if you are a Republican you make sure no one finds out.

That said I've tried to do my homework and narrow down the candidates to maybe at least find out who the least objectionable people were. I first found out who NOT TO VOTE FOR with these endorsements.

Then I narrowed the 12 down to 2 candidates through my own research and info from other conservatives. It came down to Becky Nace and Mark Funkhouser. I was leaning towards Mark Funkhouser but then I finally found out some info that sent me over the edge. He supports private school vouchers and school choice. Thats a big and important issue for me so Mark is who I'm voting for today.

I still don't know enough about him to be 100% sure but at this point he looks like the best bet. Probably the biggest strike against him is that the KC Star endorsed him :-). On the good side though, The News Buckit has also endorsed him and they are an awesome conservative blog.

Video credit: Tony's Kansas City

While doing my research I stumbled onto this video of an interview with Mark Funkhouser done by my one of my favorite liberals. Somehow I missed it when he first posted it on his blog. Anyway, I enjoyed it and I thought it showed a good side to Funkhouser.

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