Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day. The hubby and I are going out this weekend for our Valentine's Date to Hereford House and to a movie. Instead of getting me flowers or candy he's letting me pick out my own present. Anyone who knows me knows that is the best present for me :-).

Scottish Wife

I'm not sure how appropriate this video is for Valentine's Day but it is hilarious. My husband brings home these funny video clips all the time and we watched this one last night and died laughing. It is particularly funny to me because I have a good friend who likes to do painting and other stuff around their house. She is very good at it but her husband is a perfectionist and is fairly critical of her work. Somehow I can envision her having this response after he'd been critical one too many times ;-).

Fun Item:
I found this via my sitemeter and thought it was kind of cool. On The Fantasy Blog Stock Market I'm #5 out of the top 100 KC blogs. I'm sure it doesn't mean much but its a neat tidbit.

Future profiles:
I'm preparing to do conservative profiles on Rudy, Duncan Hunter, Newt & Mitt Romney. Some of you have already sent me some great info, anyone else that has good articles please send them to me via email.

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