Sunday, February 04, 2007

2008 Candidates

Thinking about the 2008 Republican nominees for president gives me heartburn. I am a cheerleader by nature and I would like a candidate to cheer for and so far there are none. This video on 2008 candidates by Dennis Miller is spot on until he says he's for either a McCain or Giuliani candidacy. Groan!! The only thing he's right about in regards to McCain is that he would take the war on terror more seriously than the Democrats, but thats not saying much.

I absolutely LOVED him saying that Dennis Kucinich has a heart shaped tattoo of Neville Chamberlain stamped on his right forearm.

In hearing from a friend who is politically connected I had a realistic jolt on the chances of the different presidential candidates. She brought up the fact that Giuliani would never be endorsed by National Right to Life and that the Republicans can't nominate someone who is pro-choice for their national leader. I think she's right and Ann Coulter definitively said that unless Giuliani changed his stances on abortion, guns and marriage she can't support him. I would have to reluctantly say they are right.

That leaves McCain (who most conservatives find unacceptable), Gingrich and Romney. Many think Gingrich just has too much baggage and that his time has passed. I'm not willing to throw the towel in on him yet but they may be right. That leaves Romney who Kimberly has labeled the pretender and I would say that is a good way to describe him. At this stage of the game if I had to predict I would say that Romney is the least of all the evils and may be our candidate by default. All the others are so bad that he may get the nomination. Jim Talent just joined Romney's team, and he is also Ann Coulter's favorite so far.

Brownback and Huckabee are two pretty solid conservatives but they are both oh, so boring. Brownback ticked me off by not standing strong on the war on terror and Huckabee appears to be a tax raiser instead of a tax cutter.

Ann Coulter pointed out that it is still early and that many of the people in the past that appeared to be front runners this early didn't actually end up being the nominees so who knows what can happen between now and then. I know I for one am praying for a miracle.

A commenter brought up Duncan Hunter. I have heard him mentioned often but I've always wondered how much of a chance he has. Seeing as everyone else sucks I figured its time to give Hunter a more serious look. I still need to do more research but take a look at these links. He really does look awesome. I need to see and hear him speak. If there could be a ground swell for this guy and I like him I might be able to back him.
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