Sunday, November 05, 2006

Voter Registration Fraud in Missouri

More ACORN Allegations

The group ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is almost becoming synonymous with voter fraud. They are supposed to be a group fighting for low-income families but they run a voter registration network that is rampant with fraud. They train employees to register voters and some of the workers claim that they were also told to tell people to vote for Claire McCaskill. Recently in St. Louis they turned in 1,492 fraudulent voter cards of dead people and teens.

FOXNews Story on Voter Fraud in Missouri

Now in Kansas City 4 ACORN Workers have been indicted for voter registration fraud. This has been gaining national attention and I have seen several clips of it on Fox News. It is sad to see Kansas City on the national news being talked about because of voter registration fraud. This is obviously a big concern since the race is so tight between Talent and McCaskill.

As you may remember numerous liberals here in Kansas City argued on the Kansas City Star's Buzz blog about how Missouri didn't have problems with fraud and that we didn't need to have a photo id law in place to vote. As you can see it is indeed too bad that the photo id law was struck down by the liberal Missouri Supreme Court because it would be nice to be able to verify that those who are voting are living, breathing citizens.

The PubDef blog has done a lot of the groundbreaking work on the ACORN fraud stories. The blog is run by Antonio French who was the liberal blogger on the radio show with me last month. I am impressed at how he is exposing this and getting the truth out.

Here are just some of his posts:
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Gateway Pundit also has had several great posts on it as well:

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