Friday, November 10, 2006

People I'm not happy with...

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As I watched all the political pundits spout their opinions on election night and the day after I found myself talking back to the Tv. So as a therapeutic way of venting I will list all the people who ticked me off :-). Again Wyatt does this every friday under his title of People I Hate. I usually agree with his choices except for the week when he risked bodily harm from me by listing Sean Hannity.

Bill Kristol--The night before the elections he looked like he was completely demoralized and he predicted that Republicans would lose 40 house seats. I was so mad at him for being so pessimistic the night before the election when our side needed to be energized. He also seemed more concerned with getting his predictions right and being the smartest person in the room rather than being optimistic for our side. Then on election night he almost seemed to be happy that his predictions had come true and he didn't seem the least bit upset while announcing that Rumsfeld would be resigning soon.

Bill Kristol is one of those people who I love about 60% of the time and the other 40% of the time he is ticking me off like when he supported McCain over W.

Gloating Liberals (especially those in the Drive By Media)--You wouldn't believe how happy the local ABC guy looked when the numbers came in that showed Claire McCaskill had beat Talent in Kansas City and that the numbers were big in her favor. Ugh...

"Michael Savage" conservatives--These are the people who call themselves conservatives but have no problem bashing the President, Rumsfeld and our own side on a consistent basis.

John McCain--To add insult to injury yesterday on Fox News they were predicting that John McCain was the front runner for the Republican nomination for 2008. I don't get this. EVERYONE I know who is a Republican despises this man, how can he have a prayer? This past weekend when I was in Republican headquarters one of the ladies said that she had been asked to work on his campaign and she just laughed at them. And I have spent countless hours on Bush's & Talent's campaigns and I would not lift one finger to get McCain elected so tell me how he gets anywhere with no support.

Alan Colmes--Normally Alan Colmes is a somewhat rational guy for being a liberal. But lately he seems to have gotten worse and more irrational. I couldn't believe how he insisted on carrying the water for Jon Kerry. What Kerry did was unspinnable and yet Colmes looked ridiculous trying and he didn't give up.

Then tonight he was badgering Mary Matalin to give him a list of what the Republicans did wrong. She was awesome!! She responded by saying, "Are you listening to me? You are reminding me of my husband." It was hilarious!!

Governor Mitt Romney & the Massachusetts Legislature--Yesterday I told you about the Marriage Amendment that they are trying to get on the ballot in Massachusetts. My contact, who is a key player in the marriage effort and who is very involved in Massachusetts politics, is very upset tonight.

A quick recap: Throughout 2006 Massachusetts voters worked to gather signatures on a petition to re-address the issue of gay marriages in Massachusetts. This petition is not attempting to make gay marriage illegal – it’s simply asking for the question to be put on the November 2008 ballot so that citizens can make the decision. The Massachusetts legislature is required to vote on all petitions that have the required number of signatures. The petition had three times the required amount of signatures. However, the legislature refused to vote on this when it was first scheduled in July 2006 and delayed it till today.

Fast forward to today when the state legislature pulled the same stunt. They have now recessed until January 2nd, which is the last day of the session. If this petition is not voted on by January 2nd, the petition essentially “expires.” It is blatantly obvious that come January 2nd the issue is going to be ignored again, which means that this massive campaign expressing the will of over 170,000 citizens will have been killed.

Gov. Mitt Romney has been a wimp on this issue. In 2004 there were legal steps he could have taken, as a later court ruling proved, which would have prevented gay marriage from becoming legal. However he wasn’t sure what he was allowed to do at the time, and so rather than take any risks, he did nothing. He could have at least spoken up against it – protested it – but he didn’t. In fact, according to my MA friend, until he began working towards gaining national recognition with an eye toward the White House in 2008, Romney refused to say much of anything about this issue. Even today he failed to make a stink about this absolutely shady (if not illegal) behavior by the state legislature. Romney has obviously proven himself to be no friend to Evangelical causes. He is more interested in consulting with countless advisors (sound like Clinton to anyone?) than sticking his neck out. He seems to have no moral courage whatsoever.

Now it looks like all the hard work of thousands of volunteers is down the drain and this issue may never make it to the ballot.

And for those of you wondering what this has to do with the rest of us, remember – as the Northeast goes, so goes the rest of the nation eventually.

Tomorrow I will be back to my optimistic self and will be looking at the good news and all the good things we have to be thankful for. Maybe a People I am happy with...:-)

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