Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Take on the News

Hat tip: Anna

The list of blunders by the Dems are piling up and they aren't even in power yet. It may suck for us that we lost but them being in power sure provides a lot of fodder for conservative blogs and talk show hosts. I have nothing to add about Rangel's latest absurdity of calling for a draft except that Rangel is an idiot.

Score one for decency!!

I can't tell you how encouraged I was to hear yesterday that the OJ book and special had both been pulled. Its refreshing to know that when there is enough outrage by the American public there is a line that media types will pull back from. All of us made a difference, our voices were heard and News Corp. did the right thing.

Michael Richards loses it!

Michael Richards who is famous for his role as Kramer on Seinfeld lost it in a comedy club. He went on a racial tirade against some African Americans who were heckling him. As most of you know I am a huge Seinfeld fan so was a little disappointed to learn of this. But as we all have learned very few Hollywood actors have admirable personal lives. I guess Richards has always been known for his angry tirades so this wasn't something completely unexpected.

I watched Letterman last night because Jerry Seinfeld had already been scheduled to be on and he asked if Richards could come on as well and apologize. Watching both of them talk I came away with an even more favorable impression of Jerry and a much lower one of Richards. Richards whole statement was awkward, pathetic, sad and I didn't buy that he isn't a racist. I guess I just really got the impression that he has a severe anger problem but it doesn't explain where his comments came from. There was one phrase in particular that wouldn't even enter my thought process. I guess I just don't buy that he's not a racist. When someone like Mel Gibson is drunk you can somewhat understand that they weren't aware of what they were saying (not that it was okay) but when you are completely sober how do you say these things unless they are really a part of your thought process? The whole ordeal is disappointing but not shocking.


Check out Chas's post on Bolton entitled We Must Keep John Bolton at the U.N. He is right on the money!!

Evolution of Dance

And since "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" take time to enjoy your daily dose of humor by watching this fun video!!

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