Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Election Story

(What my friends and I looked like after hearing the election results)

Open Source, the radio show that I got the privilege of being on a couple of weeks ago asked for my input again and this time on how the election affected me. Since I got to have my pity party in the post below I will try to be a little more clearheaded as I answer their questions in this post.

What did this election change for me?

This election changed the fact that I had a great conservative senator and now I have an extremely liberal one who will vote against judicial choices that will be important to me. Most of her votes will be against things that I deem important and for things I'm against. Her views will not be representative of me at all.

This election has made my family and I less safe. I truly believe that with Democrats in charge they will undermine all our tools for making us safe from terrorists since they have made it clear that they are against all methods of fighting terrorism.

This election has made my state complicit in crossing ethical lines of cloning and experimentation on human life. Life has become less sacred in Missouri.

Is my life better or worse?

It has made my life worse. Democrats have promised not to renew Bush's tax cuts which will mean that I will have less of my own money because they think the Government needs it more than I do.

And it is worse for the reasons I stated in response to the first question.

What will this mean for my own community?

Higher taxes, less regard for the sanctity of life and a senator representing us that believes more in the values of the ACLU than in those of regular Missourians.

What difference will this election make in your life a year from now?

I will still have 5 more years of a liberal senator representing my state. But hopefully people will be able to see that the Democrats didn't have much of a plan except to bash the other side and it will up our chances of winning the presidency in '08.

What was I doing while watching the results?

I was with friends. First a friend and I ate at Applebee's and watched the results coming in on the TV. Our waiter was a Republican and was rejoicing with us at the first results that were coming in favorably for Talent and against amendment 2. Then I headed to a different friend's house and we ate junk food and flipped channels looking at national results and local results. As things began to look bleak we grasped at straws for reasons and made jokes to try to bring humor to the situation.

I worked very hard on the campaigns and sacrificed a lot of my time so the results were difficult to take. I worked hard in 2004 but we won everything I had worked on. So this was a much different and discouraging experience. I still believe in my causes and think what I did was worthwhile even though we lost. I will continue to plug away with passion on the things that I believe in.

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