Thursday, November 09, 2006

My 2 Cents

I got a wonderful diversion from politics last night because there was an AWESOME episode of Lost on. As you all know I'm a huge Sawyer fan and they finally had Sawyer and Kate get together last night. It was so good that I called my friend who is a fellow Lost fan and said "There is a God and He loves me!" Quoting Kurt Russell's character on Overboard ;-).

Back to politics I have been having a lot of thoughts about everything that was said yesterday in response to how the elections went. First of all Open Source decided to have me back on the radio show instead of just reading my responses. You can go here to hear the show. I was only on for about 10 minutes but I got a chance to present a lone conservative take on the elections. I think there was an audible gasp when I said I was one of 30% who still loved George W. Bush and I'm sure someone fainted when I said I loved Rumsfeld and was sad to see him go. There were several liberals on but one was extremely far to the left and condescendingly referred to me after I was off the show as an anti-science, pro-God kook. I guess I will take that as a badge of honor coming from someone who sounded like Al Franken.

I am sick of hearing even good people saying that the Republicans deserved this on tuesday. Did DeWine, Chafee and Tom Kean deserve to bite the dust? Yes, they did but Talent, Santorum and Steele didn't deserve to lose. I feel like the "Michael Savages" of our party wanted to punish everyone for the sins of the liberal/moderate Republicans who gummed up the works on different issues. Was the Republican party perfect? No, it wasn't but until we weed the Specters and the McCains out we are going to have roadblocks. It doesn't help our cause to throw good conservatives overboard only to be replaced by liberals.

My list of people that I am highly irritated with is growing so I'm going to have to do a post similar to Wyatt's "People I Hate" posts but with a kinder, gentler title :-). Stay tuned for that tomorrow.

Also, I have a political contact in Massachusetts who has been deeply involved in their Marriage movement there. Today is a big day for them to try and get a Marriage Amendment on their ballot but the Speaker of the House is trying to thwart their efforts. I may be reporting some breaking news later today as I find out what takes place. There may be some big things happening. Here is an excerpt from their website on what has taken place so far:
" -- the campaign to allow voters to decide on the definition of marriage in Massachusetts -- collected a record-breaking 170,000 signatures, the greatest number ever in Massachusetts history. This remarkable and historic response clearly shouted, "Let the People Vote!" Our volunteer grassroots army includes more than 1,200 diverse houses of worship and thousands of volunteers in virtually every city and town in the Commonwealth.

Having collected nearly three times the required signatures needed for certification by the Secretary of State, the Protection of Marriage Amendment now awaits a vote by the Massachusetts Legislature. A joint session of both the House and Senate was to meet as a Constitution Convention on July 12, 2006, but Speaker of the House Salvatore DiMasi successfully orchestrated a postponement until after the November elections on November 9.

This should come as no surprise as Speaker DiMasi was quoted by State House News Service last year urging lawmakers to make sure gay marriage "never, ever appears as a question on the ballot." This hijacking of the democratic process-in which 99 other legislators joined with Speaker DiMasi-was outrageous, and was condemned by the editorial pages of most of the major newspapers in the Commonwealth.

While the Constitutional Convention was a disappointment, the development was not all negative. Ninety-one legislators voted against recessing the joint session, demonstrating their support for continuing debate and taking a vote on the people's amendment. Furthermore, Senate President Robert Travaglini promised before the last Constitutional Convention that every item on the calendar-of which the Marriage Amendment is #20-will be voted on. We have every reason to believe that a vote on the People's Amendment will take place on Nov. 9.

If approved by 50 legislators this year and again next year, the Marriage Amendment will appear on the November 2008 ballot for a statewide vote."

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