Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Anne of Green Gables: At The Beginning

If you are a woman or a guy that likes 1800ish movies Anne of Green Gables is a must-see movie. It is one of the few movies in my opinion that isn't as good as the books but it is wonderful. This video clip is a neat set of scenes with Anne and Gilbert pointed out to me by my friend Joia.

Sunday's Devotional
A Positive Power
"Nathaniel Hawthorne came home heartbroken. He'd just been fired from his job in the custom house. His wife, rather than responding with anxiety, surprised him with joy. 'Now you can write your book!'

He wasn't so positive. 'And what shall we live on while I'm writing it?'

To his amazement she opened a drawer and revealed a wad of money she'd saved out of her housekeeping budget. 'I always knew you were a man of genius,' she told him. 'I always knew you'd write a masterpiece.'

She believed in her husband. And because she did, he wrote. And because he wrote, every library in America has a copy of 'The Scarlet Letter' by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

You have the power to change someone's life simply by the words that you speak. 'Death and life are in the power of the tongue.'"

pg. 255 of Max Lucado's Grace for the Moment Volume II


My husband and kids are all taking Karate together. It has been very cool and I'm hoping to eventually join them if I can ever find the time. My youngest is only 6 so he is in the Tiny Tigers group but the rest are in the bigger group that is family oriented and has people of all ages. My oldest 3 have now all graduated to a gold belt with my middle 2 just graduating yesterday. It is very cool to see them excel and gain confidence as a result. My husband would've graduated as well had he not had his knee surgery which caused him to have to drop out for a couple of months. My youngest also graduated to the Tiny Tigers' version of gold belt and I have never seen his face beam more than when he excitedly told me about it.

If I had a digital camera I would've put pics on here from the event but I'm getting one for Christmas so I'll be able to do that soon.

I finally got my pic of Bush and I. It is very cool and has his signature on it. My outfit matched his very well since I had on a red dress and he had a red tie. I didn't like the expression on my face since I think the photographer did catch me talking but it'll have to do ;)!! I will post it as soon as I can get it scanned.

UPDATE on Marriage Amendment status in Massachusetts:

Mitt Romney has recently called a rally on the Massachusetts Statehouse steps for Sunday (today) at 1:30pm where he is going to demand that the legislature reconvene and take a vote. (Click HERE for details.) As reports, “The Massachusetts legislature arrogantly has chosen not to vote on the people's amendment on marriage - in violation of our state constitution. Media outlets around the Commonwealth and around the country are denouncing the legislature for their dereliction of duty.”

Romney has previously waffled all over the place on this issue. Publicly he has claimed to be against gay marriage, however he did nothing to prevent it from becoming law, and he has been very weak in taking a stand on this issue. Now, however, he seems to finally be standing up on the issues his party stands for.

The cynical side of me questions whether he is motivated by personal conviction or by the fact that it is acknowledged he is likely going to make a run for the presidency. (In fact, he very recently hired a well-known producer of campaign ads who is best known for working on George W. Bush’s campaigns.) However I have to praise him for finally taking a public and decisive stand here. There is hope that this can have some real results. This is, unfortunately, the last real hope for drive as the 170,000 signatures “expire,” for lack of a better term, in January. (See my previous post for more details.)

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