Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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Men Do Stupid Things

Gayle sent this to me via email and I found it on You tube. As usual the clarity isn't as good but it works and is hilarious. And speaking of You tube I am not happy with them. It seems they've become copyright nazis since being taken over by Google. Not only did my Nancy Pelosi video stop working early yesterday but I found this clip of Kate & Sawyer from last week's awesome episode and literally hours after I found it, it no longer worked. Aaaaaaaahhh!!!

Toon Credit: Michael Ramirez

Boy, does this describe my feelings about the Drive By Media right now. The news is so bad these days I'm even having a hard time watching Fox News. And I used to be able to laugh at the KC Star because I knew the Dems didn't have power but now that they do their ridiculous ideas and behavior aren't quite as humorous. And speaking of the Drive By Media I have several pet peeves with them right now. Two of them that come to mind:
1) If you are against embryonic stem cell research, cloning or evolution you are labeled anti-science. It doesn't matter that the science is on our side on all of those issues. Because we have some moral concerns in those areas we are anti-science. I guess the only way to be truly pro-science is to be an atheist. This is how liberals in Kansas have framed the debate because a Kansas School board actually had the audacity to want Intelligent Design taught in the schools. I'm pretty sure the KC Star even used the word anti-science when describing them.

2) If you are against illegal immigration you are a racist. I can't tell you many times I've heard this recently. And the Michael Savage conservatives want to know why nothing has been done about this issue? Did you see what happened to JD Hayworth who has been as good on immigration as can be in this last election?

I watched a great movie awhile ago entitled "The Inheritance". It was in the middle of election stuff so I never had a chance to talk about it. It is based on the book by Louisa May Alcott. I recommended it to Patrick since he is a fellow Jane Austen fan and he liked it too. So two thumbs up, if you like Jane Austen stuff check it out.

And for those of you who care I took my first crack at tivo blogging Prison Break last night. It was a lot of fun so go check it out at Prison Break Central.

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