Monday, November 27, 2006

Live Like You Were Dying

Toon Credit: Calvin & Hobbes

Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw
He said I was in my early forties, with a lot of life before me
And one moment came that stopped me on a dime
I spent most of the next days, looking at the x-rays
Talking bout' the options and talking bout' sweet times.
I asked him when it sank in, that this might really be the real end
How's it hit 'cha when you get that kind of news?
Man what did ya do?
He said

I went skydiving
I went rocky mountain climbing
I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu
And I loved deeper
And I spoke sweeter
And I gave forgiveness I'd been denyin'
And he said some day I hope you get the chance
To live like you were dyin'

Verse 2
He said I was finally the husband, that most the time I wasn't
And I became a friend, a friend would like to have
And all of a sudden goin' fishin, wasn't such an imposition
And I went three times that year I lost my dad
Well I finally read the good book, and I took a good long hard look
At what I'd do if I could do it all again
And then
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These are some of the words from Tim McGraw's song Live Like You Were Dying. I heard this song recently and absolutely loved it. It really expresses how I feel about grabbing the bull by the horns and really living. It is a wonderful and encouraging song and I hope I can apply the words to my life.

The reason I wasn't able to post this weekend is because I've been out of commission most of the weekend. I got a migraine that sent my stomach into orbit which seems to be triggering my ulcer problem. My husband was out of town so I was very thankful that my friend Joia who has struggled with a lot of medical issues herself came over and brought gingerale and badly needed drugs. I still don't have complete relief from the pain so I'm going to be trying to get into the Doctor today. Please pray that I can get in quickly and find some relief from the pain. Thanks!!

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