Thursday, November 16, 2006

Despicable OJ Simpson

Words cannot express my disgust with learning about OJ Simpson's latest narcissistic stunt. He has written a book entitled "If I Did It" where he talks about if he had killed Nicole and Ron Goldman this is how he would've done it. He is also going to be interviewed about the book on Fox Broadcasting on November 27th & 29th (to clarify this is Fox Broadcasting not Fox News). As if I didn't already despise him enough. While looking to see what others were saying about him on the blogs I saw several very good titles that say it all.
What happened to shame?

Is this really happening?

How I got away with murder special!

Are they on crack?

Beyond the pale

In the early 90's I didn't pay much attention to current events but this is one case I paid attention to. I remember hearing enough about it to think that he would surely be found guilty. I still remember where I was when I heard he had been found not guilty because I was literally in shock at the news.

I then read several books about the case and just couldn't get over how the jury had let him go despite all the evidence. I understood the need by the African-American community to want to get back at the police for previous injustices but do you do that by letting a murderer of 2 innocent people go free? It shook my faith in the justice system and to me it surely sent the message that if you have enough money and fame you can literally get away with murder. OJ Simpson is living proof of that.

It just sickened me that Denise Brown and the rest of Nicole's family had to let Nicole's kids get raised by a murderer. That was what disturbed me the most. And despite Geraldo being a liberal this is one thing in the course of his career that he got right. He interviewed Denise Brown many times and showed her family's side of the story. I was proud of him for that.

Hat tip: Sparks from the Anvil

Fast forward to today and I am just sickened that he could do this. He is describing the murder of his children's mother!!!! It is hard to imagine anyone more despicable right now except for maybe Charles Manson. And I am also extremely unhappy with Judith Regan for publishing the book. I have never been a fan of hers but this tops it all. She says that she considers this his confession. Well how convenient that he is going to make millions off of pretend confessing to his ex-wife's murder and stay out of jail at the same time. And never mind the fact that he has never paid a dime to any of the families who won the civil suit. I hope the people at Fox and Judith Regan can sleep at night because the money they make off of this is truly blood money.

Again Fox Broadcasting is separate from Fox News and if you want to contact Fox Broadcasting to complain go here.

Wyatt weighs in on the subject with a much calmer post :-).

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